Triangle Pest Control

A Rebranding Victory

SPOILER ALERT: This client loved our work so much, he bought our company. If that isn't a killer recommendation, we don't know what is. 

When Donnie Shelton, owner of Triangle Pest Control, approached us about a website design we were delighted. We weren't yet experts in the field of pest control marketing, but we were excited to take on a new challenge. 

Our first order of business was asking Donnie how he felt about his brand. Like many business owners, this was mostly an afterthought. But branding isn't just about aesthetics. It's about presenting your company to the world in a way that clearly communicates who you are, what you do, and what you're all about. We knew that what Triangle Pest needed more than anything was a fresh face, and Donnie was on board. 

The Challenge

Our goal was to bolster the company's value proposition by overhauling visual identity of the company and establishing a stronger brand.

We began by assessing the target market for Donnie's business. We had to create a look and a message that would resonate with women in the 25 to 45 age range with a median income of $75k+, so we focused on the safety of the pest treatments for kids and pets, peace of mind knowing your family is safe from pests at home, and the environmentally friendly qualities of TPC's treatments. 

To a lot of business owners, marketing and branding can, at times, seem...fluffy. Where their dollars go and whether or not they're getting their money's worth seems like a mystery. Not so with us. In this case, our work would be tied to the revenue goals Donnie had established for the year. We were responsible for continuing and improving the momentum of his growing business. And we were tasked with staying within the RMDS (return on marketing dollars spent) budget for the year. 

The Solution

A full rebranding package was in order. From the logo and website design to vehicle graphics and signage, Triangle Pest Control got a head-to-toe makeover, and it was a blast to carry out.


TPC original logoRemember those commercials with the cockroach crawling on the screen? They were super clever, but they also freaked people out so much they were smashing their TVs in a confused frenzy. Point being: people who are calling you about pest control are already seeing plenty of bugs - no need to have one in your logo

TPC new logoFor TPC, we stuck with the triangle and red and black color scheme, but simplified the rest. The new design not only looks pretty spiffy, it's easier to reproduce with embroidery, photocopying, and other limited color executions. That's right - not only can a well-designed logo make your brand shine brighter, it can actually save you money.

Also, it makes your trucks look super cool! Vroom vroom!


Thinking about bugs and pests in your home isn't fun, so we decided to lighten the mood with our messaging. Our updated door hangers, yard signs, and direct mail pieces all deliver a consistent look, message, and tone. That solidifies brand continuity, which improves the overall perception of the company by its customers, which strengthens trust, which means more business, which means more dollars in your pockets which means....ah, you get the idea.


Triangle Pest Control's website had a...shall we say....regional look. They couldn't go up against national brands with that kind of look, so we overhauled the whole thing, leveraging a more graphic and visual design to take it from plain Jane to belle of the ball. Triangle Pest Website

In the five years since designing this site, we were acquired by Donnie and became a sister company to TPC. We've worked together to build a winning formula for lead generation and conversion for service business websites. The current iteration of TPC's website, which has endured many experiments over the years, is pictured here. With clearly defined sales funnels and a beautiful, user-friendly, and responsive interface, it's a perfect mix of form and function.

The Result

In the end, our total rebrand elevated Triangle Pest Control's image and enabled the company to challenge their competition head-on. With new messaging, a new look, and a new website, the comprehensive branding campaign transformed the whole business and gave it the support it needed to become first in its market.

That was a lot of boasting. But we're proud of our work! Want to be our next success story? 

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