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A Little Goes a Long Way

You know the phrase “a little goes a long way”? It’s usually reserved for things like dish soap, or cologne, or cream cheese. (Just kidding, use all the cream cheese.)

Well, the same goes for digital marketing budgets. True, the more you spend, the better your chances are to reach more customers. But when you’re just starting out, a small budget paired with a killer strategy can give you just the boost you need to get moving.

The Challenge

Marty Huff came to Coalmarch in April, 2016 for help growing his small pest control business. Noting that his industry lacks a certain sex appeal, Marty was struggling to find an agency that not only knew how to target his customers, but understood his business on a deeper level.

“This is what I’d been looking for for a long time,” says Marty. “I wanted a company that could do websites and marketing, but just for pest control.” As soon as he heard about our mission, he was sold.

The Solution

Based in the greater Seattle area, Sound Pest Control was doing just over half a million a year - and had dedicated just $1,000 to its starting marketing budget.

The solution was to start the company off with Sprowt™ Starter, using conversion-focused landing pages and a customized, aggressive Pay-Per-Click strategy.

Sound Pest Control Website

The Results

By June, they’d had their best month ever. By July, they could afford a modest increase to their marketing budget. The result: a 30% conversion rate - the highest of any of our smaller clients. And leads? They were flying in at at 140% or more over the established lead goal, with a cost of $43 per lead, on average - well below our client average.

Meanwhile, radio silence from Marty.

Was he missing? Did he wedge himself into a crawl space and never come out?

Nope. He was just too busy.

“We were getting so many quality leads!” says Marty. “You can always get leads, but it doesn’t mean they’re good quality.”

Sarah Izzell, the Coalmarch Marketing Specialist who has been working with Marty from the jump, knew the drill.

“People are often surprised by the number of leads they get when they start with us,” she says. “Owners are out in the field doing tech work because they have so many leads. They go silent all season, and then we hear from them in November or December, when they just say “Hi! Thank you! I was too busy to talk!”

In 2016, Sound Pest Control’s revenue grew by 15.81%. The writing was on the wall, and in October, just 6 months after hiring Coalmarch, Marty signed up for a snazzy new website and is setting his sights on hitting a million in 2017.

All we can say is ready your Ray-Bans, because Sound Pest Control is shining pretty bright.

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