The Company:

Advantage Pest Management has been providing top-notch pest control services since 2014. For owner-operator Jim Ross, it’s essential to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in every aspect of his business operations – every detail counts, and customer satisfaction is crucial. Advantage has been a PestPac customer for a decade; they recently started working with Coalmarch.

The Challenge:

Like many PCOs, Jim struggled to find a reliable marketing solution: “I bounced between companies that promised results, but failed to deliver. After a few months, I would stop hearing from them at all.” Without a strong online presence, Advantage struggled to stand out in a crowded marketplace and reach new customers. Jim needed a solution that would not only increase his company’s visibility, but would deliver real, tangible results.

The Solution:

Jim had been using PestPac to run his business from the very beginning. PestPac provided the backbone of their operations, offering streamlined processes for customer management, routing and sales. “Since I have already had a wonderful experience with the WorkWave family, I decided to get onboard with Coalmarch,” he said. Right away, the Coalmarch team revitalized Advantage’s digital footprint with cutting-edge website design and a closed-loop marketing strategy.

"They have given our online presence a serious facelift and made us look like the five-star company we really are. Now we’re really standing out among the competition."
Jim Ross, Owner

The Results:

In just a short time, the impact of this partnership has been profound. Jim saw substantial month-over-month growth, with revenue increasing  25%-50% compared to previous years. Coalmarch's focus on calls-to-action (CTAs) and engaging content helped convert leads into loyal customers seamlessly. Through PestPac's Sales Center and Coalmarch's marketing efforts, managing and converting leads became more efficient than ever.

According to Jim, "Since Coalmarch, we've experienced unprecedented growth. Our online presence has transformed, and we're consistently converting leads into satisfied customers."

The Value:

The integration of Coalmarch and PestPac provided tangible value to Advantage Pest Management. Jim highlighted PestPac's scalability and advanced features — such as the technician mobile application and RouteOp— as key factors in his decision to use the platform. Moreover, Coalmarch's dedication to their success and proactive support ensured that Jim's business remained ahead of the curve.

"With Coalmarch and PestPac, I'm not just getting software solutions; I'm getting partners invested in the success of my business."
Jim Ross, Owner


Advantage Pest Management's journey with Coalmarch and PestPac exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships in business growth. By addressing their online marketing challenges and enhancing operational efficiency, Jim and his team elevated their status to a 5-star company in the industry.

Reflecting on his experience, Jim concluded, "I can't recommend Coalmarch enough to fellow pest professionals. They're not just another vendor; they're a dedicated team committed to your success. Together with PestPac, they've made my job easier and my business more successful."

As Advantage Pest Management continues to thrive, their story serves as inspiration for businesses seeking to leverage technology and strategic partnerships for sustainable growth.

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