The Problems

When Agronomic Lawn Management (ALM) first began, they set a 20% growth goal for their company. In order to attain this goal, they spent a significant amount of their marketing budget on print marketing. With multiple ads running in a daily newspaper, ALM would tackle the tedious task of tracking which customers came from which section’s ads. 

After adding radio advertising to the mix, Bryan Raehl (General Manager of ALM) dove into the online marketing world making a website on The website had the bare necessities, including a company section, services section, and contact info section. But Bryan and his team had no idea how the platform was performing in terms of SEO optimization and PPC.

The Challenge:

With results from their print marketing efforts starting to decline, Bryan knew they weren’t going to hit their 20% growth goal if they continued to spend the money in print advertising. They needed to diversify their marketing efforts in how people find the company.

“For the past nine years we have set a lofty goal to see 20% growth year after year. We just couldn’t keep going on with our print marketing methods which were barely hitting that goal and so that’s when we turned to Coalmarch.”
Bryan Raehl

The Solution:

After hearing about Coalmarch at a conference, Bryan paid us a visit to Raleigh and ultimately decided that moving from print to digital was the right move for ALM. As Bryan says, “We took a leap of faith. We figured if Coalmarch can talk the talk, we’d give them the shot to walk the walk. And they have ever since.”

Coalmarch worked closely with his team to find the perfect marketing package for their company’s needs. In order to get ALM back on track, we created a new website for them with a re-optimized homepage as well as updated and improved keyword rankings.

“We saw the expertise of what Coalmarch offers and we liked that. You aren’t just a ‘website company,’ you are a website company that knows the lawn care industry specifically and that was what really pushed the owner over the edge.”
Bryan Raehl

In addition, we began to track their data, such as CPL and CPS, to give visibility into how their marketing efforts were performing. With a developed dashboard, ALM could finally understand and track where their budget was going and the results did not disappoint.

The Results:

overall growth in 2020
lead performance growth in 2020
decrease in CPL
average CPL

Agronomic Lawn Management continues to set a 20% growth goal every year. With all of the changes made, they grew 46% in 2020 – surpassing the goal by leaps and bounds. 

Their overall lead performance grew by 86% in 2020 with an additional increase in qualified traffic from sessions. In addition, their CPL decreased almost 12% with an average CPL of $13.40.

Among one of the best results to Bryan was having a marketing partner on their side who looked out for his business. They wanted a marketing expert so that they didn’t have to be. With an ever changing digital marketing landscape, especially through Google, Bryan loved how he could be as involved as he wished to be and know that the recommendations of the Coalmarch team had the best interest of ALM in mind.

“Coalmarch is really forward-focused because they are staying on top of what the best way is for business owners to spend their marketing dollars.”
Bryan Raehl

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