Eastside Exterminators
From Website Crash to Search Visibility Masterclass

Eastside Exterminators, a familiar name on the PCT Top 100, knew they needed help in a big way after facing an internal marketing disaster that erased most of the company’s online visibility.

the bugman
How Marketing Visibility Turned a Top 100 Business Around

In 2017, Brian Olson found himself at a crossroads. The bugman was meeting production goals and they were on the PCT Top 100 chart. But Brian could see that his company profit and brand goals were off the mark and knew he was missing a marketing expert to help him reconfigure his marketing strategy and website.


Natural State Pest Control
Building a New Brand into a Household Name

Trent and Amanda Ragar were getting ready to launch their new pest control business. They had a name, ambitious goals, and the drive to build their business from the ground up; all they were missing was a partner to help them invest in the right digital channels to fast-track their success. 

Terminix Triad
Taking a Trusted Name to New Heights

Terminix Triad was looking for someone who could handle their reputation with care, connecting their fifteen branches with local customers to further their reach, generate new leads, and retain existing customers. 

Sound Pest Control
Turning Around a Slow Season

When a stale marketing strategy had Sound Pest Control struggling to bring in the sales they needed to get through the season, they turned to Coalmarch. An aggressive PPC strategy brought them the leads they needed and then some. 

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