In our ninth pest control marketing case study, read how Coalmarch by Workwave partnered with Midwest Pest Control to grow their business from the ground up and, in turn, reach their goal of $1 million in recurring revenue in their first year.



Having grown up in the Caribbean in a wild family of five boys, Max and Nate were accustomed to a life full of adventure and risk. They remember their mother frequently saying, “Work hard, play hard”, which has become a core theme in each of their families. With this mentality, it’s no surprise that they were willing to sell everything and move across the country to start a new business during a global pandemic. So in September 2020, they moved their families from Idaho to Omaha, NE and began Midwest Pest Control.

If they were going to move their families across the country in pursuit of opening a new business, the Perkes brothers knew that they wanted to do it right. In their previous experiences, they had relied heavily on door-to-door marketing. However, they realized that they needed a solid marketing front in order to make a splash in the industry.

“We wanted the foundation of our company to be built on really good marketing, SEO, and website content. We needed that foundation before we started anything else.”
Nate Perkes

The Challenge:

From day one, the focus of their conversation was that they wanted to grow quickly and get the right partnerships.  After being introduced to Coalmarch by Workwave, they decided to do their homework.

After organically searching for pest control clients in various regions of the US, they saw that a lot of our clients ranked in the top five positions. In addition, they talked to some of our current clients to hear their experience with Coalmarch by Workwave. Once they talked with a few of them, they were convinced that Coalmarch by Workwave would give them the resources and industry knowledge to meet their aggressive growth goal. Before opening Midwest Pest Control, they signed on with Coalmarch by Workwave. It was important to them that they partner with someone who could confidently run their marketing, allowing them to spend their time running their day-to-day business operations.

As they opened the doors to their business, one of the challenges that they faced was building credibility. Without a professional website, they couldn’t gain the trust of clients to know that they were a reputable company.

“When you spend that much money for marketing, you’re either going to love it and continue on, or cancel it. It spoke volumes that Coalmarch by Workwave had numerous clients that had been with them for so long.”
Nate Perkes

The Solution:

Coalmarch by Workwave dove in, head first, to give Midwest Pest Control the digital marketing solutions that they needed. We created a website, optimized content for SEO, and ran PPC campaigns for them. With a new website, the brothers were able to gain instant professionalism and credibility. With our experience in pest control digital marketing specifically, we were able to deliver rapid results.

“The website showed customers that we know what we are doing. It didn’t matter that we had been in business for 3 weeks, our customers saw the professionalism in our website and it instantly gained their trust and credibility for us.”
Max Perkes

The Results:

Although it’s been a “crazy grind,” Midwest Pest Control has grown aggressively in the first year. With the hustle and grit that Max and Nate have put into the company, coupled with the work that Coalmarch by Workwave has done, they have been able to hit their $1 million dollar recurring revenue goal. From the beginning, it was important to them that their company focus on customer experience and retention. Hitting their $1 million recurring revenue goal would not have been possible without PPC and a new website.

“We knew from day one that our goal was to hit $1 million recurring in under a year. What led us to Coalmarch by Workwave was that they knew how to make all parts of our marketing, website, and SEO top notch in order to accomplish our goal.”
Max Perkes
Recurring Revenue in 1st Year
Conversion Rate
Cost Per Lead

With the original goal of securing 300 inbound sales in their first year, they have demolished that goal, increasing it double fold. With Coalmarch by Workwave’s PPC efforts alone, they have closed 694 sales and counting.

Looking into the future, the Perkes brothers want to double down and grow another million dollars in recurring revenue in 2022. They already have plans to increase their PPC spend and know that Coalmarch by Workwave will be there to help them grow their inbound sales.

“None of this would have been possible without Coalmarch by Workwave, or our amazing team of technicians and office staff. In another year, we want to be part of another case study with Coalmarch that says ‘Midwest Pest: $0 – $2 million in 2 years’.”
Max Perkes