The company:

Tailor Made Lawns is a small, family-owned business serving the greater Charlotte, Winston-Salem and other areas in North Carolina. They offer a comprehensive range of services including lawn care, pest control, tree and shrub care, aeration and seeding, and more. They have been locally owned and operated for more than 25 years and have built an excellent reputation in their community.



The problem:

“It always worked, so just do more of it, right?”

Tailor Made had been part of a franchise group that provided marketing support, which had been effective in the past. Decades-old marketing campaigns utilizing telemarketing and direct mail were historically good sources for sales leads, but by the 2010s, telemarketing was effectively dead and direct mail had become too expensive. The company compensated by expanding their range of lawn care services and adding mosquito control and perimeter pest control, which worked for a few years, but eventually growth slowed and new leads were drying up. According to Tailor Made General Manager and Vice President Damon Milotte, the team wasn’t sure how to increase leads and growth moving forward, having relied on that franchise support in the past. “It always worked, so just do more of it, right? Just spend more money!” Knowing this wasn’t an effective strategy, Milotte started looking for some marketing help.

The solution:

“I took our entire marketing budget and gave it to Coalmarch. Maybe my best decision to date.”

Milotte recognized that the old ways of doing things weren’t going to help Tailor Made stand out from the competition or increase revenue. He also recognized that his team needed guidance when it came to digital marketing. “I am not extremely tech savvy — I would be lost trying to run an AdWords campaign or updating a website, let alone trying to build one. I know that’s what it takes to be successful in marketing right now, so I would be trying…but I would be miserable.” His search ultimately led him to Coalmarch.

“My third year in charge, I took our entire marketing budget and gave it to Coalmarch. It was the best decision I made in those early years. Maybe my best decision to date.”
Damon Milotte, VP

Coalmarch worked with Tailor Made to create a fresh branding strategy — including a new website and social media presence — that would help them reach their target market, bring in new leads and drive growth.

The results:

“This would never have happened without Coalmarch.”

After partnering with Coalmarch and expanding from legacy marketing tactics into digital marketing, the results were unmistakable. Tailor Made started growing again. Between 2014 and 2022, the company’s revenue more than doubled.  “For three or four years in a row, our goal was to reach $1 million. We finally got there in 2014,” says Milotte. “This year (2022) we will do $2.55 million and our goal for next year is $2.85 million. That would never have happened without Coalmarch.”
Milotte adds that he continues to be impressed by the dedication and expertise of the Coalmarch team, saying that he would absolutely recommend their services to other lawn and pest control companies.

“You’re never going to find a crew with more experience in the pest control and lawn care industries, and you’re never going to find a crew that cares more about your success.”
Damon Milotte, VP
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