Hi. We're Coalmarch by Workwave.

We’re a group of creative and technical pros who are passionate about helping small businesses grow. 

Some of us get our kicks connecting with business owners, solving problems and finding ways to help you reach your goals. Others speak C++, Java, and HTML, or spend time testing new ad platforms and innovating the ways we can reach your potential customers and employees. 

We’re proud to have a team that works hard to make our average client’s results look like another agency’s highlight reel.

Coalmarch by Workwave?
One of the questions we get asked most often is, "What’s the story behind the name Coalmarch by Workwave?"

The name “Coalmarch” comes from one of our founders, Thomas Ingham. Originally from upstate New York, he was raised with an appreciation for the blue-collar workforce in the northeast; in particular, that of coal miners. 

He was especially moved by the dogged perseverance displayed by the miners during a shift change. How the men coming off shift would shuffle in a line out of the mine while clean, fresh men walked past them into the mine.

No, not a shuffle; not a walk either, but a march. They marched with determination. Marched with purpose. Marched with strength. Marched with respect.

A coal march.

Coalmarch by Workwave Today

Though our company has changed drastically since its humble beginnings, we continue to abide by the Coalmarch by Workwave mindset.

We have a determination to be the best at what we do. To be relied upon by our clients to do great work and get results. To bring a little blue-collar work ethic to a white-collar industry. It’s a name we carry with pride to this day, fifteen years later.

It’s Coalmarch by Workwave.

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