Itching For Leads


PestMasters was doing fine for over 60 years. The central Virginia business had a website, they had a marketing agency, they had customers, and everything was...well...fine.

But fine doesn't bring in the big bucks, and owner, David Boose and Operations Manager, Conrad Lyons were itching for more leads.

The Challenge

Bogged down with a site that was more about form over function and a marketing team that had, in Conrad’s words, “lost interest and desire in getting our message out,” it was time to make a change.

Why Us

So, how’d they decide on Coalmarch? You know what they say — imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

“A lot of it for us has to do with Donnie Shelton,” says Conrad, referencing the CEO of both Coalmarch and the hugely successful Triangle Pest Control, both based in Raleigh, NC.

“It’s one of those things where you see something good that’s working, and you try to emulate it.

The Solution

Before it had a trademark and snappy punctuation, Donnie was using what we call the Grow!™ Inbound Marketing System - a system he developed and perfected over the last decade, and which is now implemented through Coalmarch’s Sprowt™ platform.

By designing each individual page as its own sales funnel with specific goals for visitors to complete, and backing the whole thing up with a dedicated team of digital marketers, Sprowt™ is proven to convert prospective clients faster and more efficiently, saving time and money.

“The whole idea for us is not just to get people to view our site, but to get people to take action,” says Conrad. “That’s something Coalmarch really understands.”

The Results

That understanding has delivered PestMasters:

  • 21% conversion rate
  • 20% lead growth
  • 50% traffic growth

On Google, they consistently rank organically in the top two, and hold the #1 paid spot on first page Pay-Per-Click advertisements. In short: they’re killing it.

“We’re very pleased with our results so far,” [under]states Conrad. “We want to keep improving on it.”

We’ve got your back, Conrad.

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