Growing Your Local Business


With a focus on increasing organic traffic to the website and generating more cost effective leads, Evergreen is a true example of exactly how Sprowt™ can help grow a locally-owned business.

With Sprowt™, Evergreen's year-over-year traffic by increased by 176%.

The Challenge

Our main goals when creating Evergreen Lawn and Pest Control’s new website were to:

  • Drive qualified search traffic to the website through SEO
  • Generate cost-effective leads in the form of potential clients through a user-friendly website

Their website was not getting a great deal of organic traffic from their target markets, and their cost per lead was upwards of $70. Because of this, increasing traffic to their website substantially and delivering cost-effective leads under $50 was going to be a challenge in itself.

The Solution

In order to drive qualified search traffic to their website, we created highly-optimized, location-specific content to increase their keyword rankings. We optimized their website for their target market - Orlando, Florida - and standardized all of their local listings across the web. Since ranking locally for their key terms was one of our main goals, it was important for us to improve their local signal across all channels.

Generating cost-effective leads was another goal, so it was important for us to create content that not only appealed to search engines, but that was also user-friendly. With benefits-focused and you-oriented language, we created content that addressed user’s questions and concerns, and pushed them towards converting.

The Results

With location-optimized content, combined with customer-focused messaging and targeted call-to-actions, we were able to reach both of our main goals for the website. Between their website launch in March 2015 until present day, their organic traffic has increased by 176% and their average cost per lead is $21.69!

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