A People Management System

Forgely™ is the only platform designed to help growing pest control and lawn care companies manage, train, and retain top tier service technicians.

Make your people your competitive advantage.

Why Forgely Manage?
Train Better

Improve employee performance & efficiency, get new hires into the field faster with custom training courses, and scale continuous training for hard and soft skills as your team grows. 

Forgely Manage makes it simple to build a custom onboarding curriculum or borrow exams, reviews, inspections, and handbooks from leading companies in your industry in the Forgely Community library.

Set The Bar High

Do your employees know what it takes to be successful? Forgely Manage automates regular inspections that hold employees accountable for meeting goals and exceeding expectations. 

Your team stays motivated and aligned with company-wide initiatives. 

Recognize Top Performers

Don’t wait until an annual review to deliver feedback. Regular performance reviews and consistent feedback are critical to keeping your team motivated and aligned with company-wide initiatives.

Forgely Manage rolls out reviews automatically, delivering consistent, transparent performance data so managers and team members are always in the loop about progress, goals, and areas for improvement. 

Keep Employees Motivated

When employees see how they contribute to the company’s success, they are more effective, efficient, and deliver better customer service. 

Top performers are seeking out companies where they can grow - and employers that make it a priority will reap the rewards in effectiveness and efficiency.

Forgely Manage Training
Forgely Manage Challenge
Recognize Top Performers
Employee Engagement
A People Management Platform that Gets Results

Forgely makes managing, training, and keeping your dream team a reality. 

With tools to streamline onboarding, training, and the mundane tasks that keep your employees moving forward, Forgely Manage frees up your time to focus on the bigger picture. 

Community Library

Browse exams, reviews, and inspections from other leading companies in your industry, and customize them to create a curriculum that fits your needs. 

Mobile Friendly

Fast and convenient online and mobile access ensures that your team always has access to inspections and company resources, even on the go. 


See a quick overview of exam scores, reviews & inspections in your dashboard, or create custom reports to measure the employee performance metrics that matter most.  


Custom training, reviews, and inspections roll out automatically by position, saving your managers time and putting accountability for performance at the forefront of your employees' minds.

Risk Management

Store incidents, absences, and performance evaluations in one place, so you have a documented record if you need to terminate an employee.

Performance Benchmarks

Keep performance front of mind with a dashboard that shows how employees are meeting expectations over time.

What Forgely Clients Are Saying
Your Toolkit

Whether your business is a small, close-knit team or a finely tuned machine, Forgely Manage makes it easy and affordable to manage everything from hire to fire. 

For $16/user, you’ll have access to our full Forgely Management suite of tools.

Onboarding System (OBS)
  • Automate management tasks
  • Keep important employee documents in one centralized location
  • Transfer applicant data instantly when used with Forgely Hire
Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Create unlimited training classes and courses for each position
  • Document training progress
  • Access materials from industry leaders in the Forgely Community training library
Personal Development System (PDS)
  • Create and automate unlimited inspections
  • Create and automate unlimited reviews
  • Track progress in the Performance Management dashboard
  • Document employee absences and incidents
  • Access performance documentation records
Employee Onboarding
Employee Training
Employee Inspection
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