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When you download the 2023 benchmark report, you'll see where your business is on track, as well as where to focus your 2024 strategy to level up.


Real Data
Industry-wide Averages

Coalmarch by Workwave works with many of the fastest-growing pest control and lawn care companies in the industry - and that means we're constantly collecting, using, and sharing data with our clients to help them meet and exceed their growth goals each year. 

New this year – we've compiled data for both the pest control and lawn care industries and moving forward, you can find data from both industries in our annual marketing benchmark report.

Inside, you'll find real data on: 

  • How much pest control and lawn care businesses are spending on digital marketing throughout the season
  • How your competitors are distributing their budget across paid platforms
  • How to maximize your success across various channels
Real Results
Benchmark how your 2023 performance compares

We're also giving you an inside look at the real results our clients see throughout the season. 

See how your 2023 data stacks up, with: 

  • Average leads generated through organic and paid channels, month by month
  • Cost per lead, broken down by platform
  • Insight into which channels are driving the most cost-effect leads throughout the year