Call Center Solutions Phone System
Make Customer Service Your Competitive Advantage

Prioritize frontline efficiency and keep your CSRs at peak performance with a powerful phone system designed to support your small business operations. With call routing, live call monitoring and call recordings, and powerful call center analytics, the Call Center Solutions platform allows you to: 

  • Access data about what your CSRs are doing and when with the real-time agent dashboard.
  • Store multi-channel data where your whole team can access it, and manage all call, text, and webform communications in one platform.
  • Train new hires faster with easy-to-review call recording and listening-in features. 

Boost Your CSR's Performance

This phone system is unreal. Saw a few customers waiting for an agent and then hung up. And now we can see why. Just knowing means you can work to fix it.
Burns Blackwell, Terminix-Triad
Call Scripts
Smart Solutions for Smart Sales Teams

Customizable, interactive call scripts collect customer data, guiding CSRs step-by-step through new sales, customer questions, and cancellations to help you seal the deal faster and more effectively. 

Call Center Solutions Call Scripts give your CSRs the tools they need to:

  • Collect customer information quickly, effortlessly, and in the right order. 
  • Take the guesswork out of closing a sale with strategic next-step messaging. 
  • Ensure your customers get accurate, consistent communication and stellar service no matter who answers the phone.
  • Improve time-to-productivity for new CSRs with scripts that reinforce best practices and enable your team to be prepared for any customer interaction.

Close More Leads

Download: The PCO Guide to Call Scripts
The CSR Playbook for Success

This FREE eBook will teach you how to map and create call scripts that drive results for your business. 

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Powerful Integrations
Close the Loop Between Marketing & Sales

Call Center Solutions is more than just a comprehensive call center management solution that streamlines team communication and maximizes sales efficiency. It's also best friends with your CRM. 

When you integrate Call Center Solutions with your CRM, you get access to a 360-degree view of your customer data: 

  • Increase visibility on where your best leads are coming from and measure a true ROI by source, so you can focus on the channels that are driving results.
  • Analyze data across multiple customer touchpoints and build a customer journey. 

Get More from your Data

What They Said
The acceptance of the CTM software so far has been incredible. It allowed the team to work remotely and they are enjoying the challenge of a new product.
Tom Drapeau, Freedom Pest Control
Get the Complete Toolbox

When you're growing a service industry business, you know that closing quality leads into recurring revenue is the key to achieving long-term growth. 

In addition to our phone system, call scripts, and CRM integration, we also offer a suite of additional products to help you maximize and manage your leads better. 


Speed Lead

When it comes to following up with a lead, every second counts. Incoming webform submissions instantly trigger a call that connects your sales team with prospects before they have a chance to check out the competition.


Communicate faster with leads and current customers using SMS that your CSRs can manage straight from the CallTrackingMetrics dashboard.

Ready to see how Call Center Solutions can help you outsell the competition?