4 Ways to Turn Website Visitors into Customers for your Pest Control Company


It’s a common misconception in the pest control industry that having a website means people will find it, submit a contact form, and become a customer. The unfortunate reality is that just having a website up isn’t enough. It’s tricky enough to get people to your actual website. Once they are there, what are you doing to turn them into customers?

In Donnie Shelton’s book, Grow, he has an entire chapter dedicated to this very topic (read more here!). The secret to getting pest control and lawn care customers to convert is this:

  • Every page is an advertisement
  • Every page follows the 3 step model:
    • Get their attention
    • Get them engaged
    • Call them to action
  • Every page should be set up as a sales funnel

It’s easy to read this and say, “Sure, this makes sense.” But, it can be difficult to take this back to your own website and figure out what to change. Here are some suggestions on how you can actually apply this to your website:

  1. Develop content that your customer can relate to. If your website has a page for bed bug solutions, the headline could say, “Worried about bed bugs? We’ve got the solution.” 
  2. Offer coupons that catch the customer’s eye. You’re probably already offering coupons, but placement is key. Putting coupons towards the top of the page so it’s one of the first things that your customer sees is a good way to engage with your customer early on.
  3. Put your reviews on your services page. 92% of customers look at online reviews before making a decision for a service company. Your services page is a great place to showcase what your customers love about you.
  4. Make sure your contact form is easily accessible from any page. Most of the time, customers prefer filling out a contact form over calling you on the phone. If your customer can’t find your contact form, they will move on.

Making these quick updates to your website will hopefully help you turn some of these website visitors into paying customers. If you’re interested in learning more about the thought process being a pest control customer, download our free eBook, “How Do Pest Control Customers Buy Pest Control?”!