How To Relate To Your Pest Control Customer

Arrows and checkmarks.

There’s one important decision that your customer has to make - do they choose your company to provide the service they need or do they use someone else? Maybe the pest control company down the street has better package options or offers same day service. Regardless of the reason, wouldn't it be nice if you knew what your potential customer was thinking?

The process that your customer goes through before making a purchasing decision is called the customer buying cycle. If you Google, “customer buying cycle”, you’re going to come up with about a million different versions for every industry across the board, but for you, the PCO, it most likely looks like this:

The real question is why do you need to know this? You have a pest control company and people have pest control problems, what more do you need to know? For starters, the more you understand about your potential customer, the more relatable your messaging is, which makes it easier for you to turn that lead into a paying customer.

Let’s look at a scenario in the awareness/event stage: You already know that it’s good practice to have a company Facebook page. So, you decide to post: “Call us if you have a termite problem.” Do you think that’s going to attract potential customers? You aren't sharing anything helpful or thinking about the customer at all. You are casting a wide net hoping that someone will need termite control and contact you, so it’s not likely to attract anyone.

Let’s look at a more customer-centric approach: You write a blog post about how to spot termite damage in your crawl space and post that blog to social media, saying “Termite trouble? Here are 5 ways to know if you have termite damage.” It’s more likely that someone will see that post, read your blog, realize they could have a termite problem and call you for an inspection. 

There are hundreds of scenarios for each stage of the buying cycle. Our latest eBook walks you through each stage and explains how it applies to you as a business owner. Download our eBook, “How Do Customers Buy Pest Control” today!

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