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Four Steps to Better Hiring This Season


Fact: If you haven't started hiring for the high season, you're already behind. 

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • You're struggling to find candidates for your open positions
  • The candidates that do turn up are lackluster or totally unqualified

Your A-team isn't going to just show up at your door, and without them, you're looking at the same problems you had last year.

But all is not lost. 

There are four critical things you can do RIGHT NOW to jump-start your recruitment, and we're going to share them with you right here. 

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Boot Camp Session #1

Donnie Shelton talks hiring in today's hot economy

By every barometer, the US economy is on fire. The stock market is up over 26,000 points. The GDP is up, unemployment is down, and tax cuts for businesses in 2018 will set us all up for bigger wins in the coming year. 

That's all great, but - and you knew there was going to be a but - it's not all coming up roses. There are too many jobs and not enough workers. 

In the last year, we've had several customers turn off their paid advertising because there was too much work for their team to handle. 

The problem is, hiring is a seller's market, and we're the buyers. 

That means we have to do everything we can to stand out from our competition. We have to market ourselves to potential hires as aggressively - maybe even more so - as we market to potential customers. 

This year at CO2, we launched an innovative new service called TeamBuilder™ that attracts qualified and great employees to your company. It's like inbound marketing, only its inbound recruiting. 

This four-part series will be posted here every Friday morning. Next week we'll tackle the bottom part of the funnel: Conversion. More specifically, how to build out and highlight web forms that really work. 

Boot Camp Session #2

TeamBuilder Hiring Boot Camp Session #2

Last week we talked about the incredible opportunities out there right now for business growth. The economy is on fire and the service industry is booming. But there's a problem: now we're all competing for the same pool of workers. You've got the customer accounts, but you don't have the men and women to do the jobs.

So what are you doing to attract the top talent? If you're like most other service companies out there, the answer is not enough

These days, you have to market to hire the same way you market to sell. That means spending time defining what makes your company the best workplace and creating a marketing budget to get the message out to potential hires.

But before you get that far - before you spend energy, time, and money on filling up the top of your funnel - you need to make sure you're prepared for the most important step: conversion. 

You don't make your customers jump through hoops to hire and pay you, right? You do everything you can to make the process easy for them to make a decision, from marketing your unique value as a company to providing online booking. So why would you treat potential hires any differently? 

Very few career pages generate real interest in for prospects. If your website even has a career page, what does it look like? What kind of information are you providing? And how easy are you making it for prospects to take action? 

The bottom line is simple: Focusing on attraction without a system for conversion is a waste of time. Reclaim that time by developing a system that truly works. 

Boot Camp Session #3

What is your competitive advantage? Your pricing? Your service turnaround? Your eco-friendly products?

I've got news for you: none of that matters.

The truth is, your people are the only competitive advantage you have. And time is running out to find the right people to make your business truly competitive this season.

So, back to those examples. How many other companies in your industry are touting the exact same values to potential customers?

It's not enough to have safe chemicals - that's expected. It's not enough to offer same-day service - that's the norm. And it's not enough to say your prices "can't be beat" - they probably can, and if you're undervaluing your service you'll actually turn off more people than you attract. 

At the end of the day, it's your team and the experience they deliver to your customers that will set you apart from your competition. 

Finding the right people - not the "right now" people - means marketing your business to them the same way you market to your customers. And your greatest tool for that is your website. Job pages that show the bare minimum for the position just don't cut it anymore, if they ever really did. Instead, dedicate an entire section of your website to your candidates, and use it to:

  • Offer a clear and compelling value proposition
  • Address objections
  • Increase trust
  • Communicate value
  • Offer proof
  • Compare yourself with the competition on your own terms
  • Today's video tackles why these elements are crucial to your recruiting efforts and how to make an impact before the busy season truly begins. 

For real-world examples, watch the video above. And for real-world help, check out the TeamBuilder link below. 

Boot Camp Session #4

Let's be honest. At the end of the day, we all want more money. And if you're like most business owners, when you think growth, you think more profit.  You're not wrong, but you're also only half right. 

The truth about business growth is that it's only possible when you're good at attracting customers and employees.

Unfortunately, getting attention from candidates online is harder than ever. Countless emails, display ads, and even other job listings means putting effort into your messaging and your methods the same way you would for your traditional advertising. 

Fortunately, there are three steps you can take to make an impact right away.

1. Develop a persona for your perfect employee
Start with your techs. What do the best of them have in common?  At my service company, our techs are all into fishing and hunting, and being a technician at our company means flexible hours that allow them to enjoy their hobbies in their downtime. Knowing this kind of information will help you appeal to more people like them.

2. Develop ads specifically for those employees
Casting a wide net may get you more applicants, but there's no guarantee that even a single one will be a good fit for your company. Instead, tailor your message to your personas. If your ideal candidate loves to fish and would value a flexible schedule, create an ad set that appeals directly to them. "Want to fish every day?" will work a heck of a lot better than "Check out our 401k matching."

3. Spread the word, far and wide
Push those ads to as many outlets as you can. Don't limit your outreach to one or two industry-specific websites. Use what I call the Shotgun Method: get your job posts on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Google for Jobs, and every other job listing aggregator out there. Tools like Forgely, our hiring and training app, can help to automate this process to save you time and sanity. 

Here at Coalmarch, we know how to grow service companies (we’ve been doing it for years) and we understand what it takes to attract great customers and great employees (because we’re owned by someone who has done it). 

This was the last of our four-part series on hiring, but it's certainly not the end of our innovation. We invite you to take a look at TeamBuilder™, a robust solution for the service business owner who wants to grow a phenomenal team. 

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There's still time to make a significant impact on your team - and your growth - this season. You just need to get out of your own way.

Until next time,