The Power of Autonomy

Happy people

Have you ever heard of the expression, “a happy employee is a productive employee”? It’s true!

If your employees are unhappy at work, they are most likely not going to be productive or highly motivated to do their job. It is no secret that millennials are reshaping our workforce - and the sense of freedom at work is something that is strongly desired by many. That is why creating employee happiness starts with understanding how to give your employees the feeling of autonomy in the workplace.

Ways to Empower Your Employees

Want to boost your company’s overall happiness and productivity? Here are 4 proven ways to create more autonomy in your workplace:

Set Goals With a Purpose

In the workplace, it can be difficult to let employees make their own decisions and as a manager, it is sometimes necessary to set goals and deadlines for your employees. However, ensuring that your employees see the value and purpose behind those goals is critical to increasing job-satisfaction. 

Motivation is Key

The key factor to autonomy is motivation for humans. This means allowing your employees to feel a sense of independence when completing their assignments. Allowing your employees to be self-motivated is one of the best things you can do. When people are intrinsically motivated, they are often more creative and put forth more effort, which overall enhances the quality of their work. 

Choices, Choices, Choices

Allowing your employees to start making their own decisions and set their own professional goals is another important factor for job-satisfaction. Employee empowerment about your own position elevates productivity, customer services, and employee happiness. Once you let your employees begin to make choices you will see how rewarding and beneficial it can be for your company.

Trust Your Team and Yourself

Don’t let trust issues prevent you from growing your company. We live in a century where micromanaging and demanding employees to do things is quickly going out of style. Trust that you and your team have hired the right people for the job and allow your employees to live up to their full potential. Rather than telling them what to do, trust that they will make the right choices, take ownership of their work, and be the employee you want them to be.

Create an Autonomous Workforce with Forgely

What if there was a tool that could instantly help you create an autonomous workforce?

With Forgely, you can successfully grow your business with our suite of people management software. Here are just some of the ways Forgely can help your employees achieve a level where they can be trusted to make decisions at your company:

  • Online Trainings to test your employees on their knowledge of your company and to provide your customers with the best level of service in the industry.
  • Employee Reviews + Inspections to keep your employees accountable and monitor their growth overtime.
  • Hiring + Onboarding Made Easy with online exams and resources to build a smarter, more motivated team.
  • And so much more!

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