Make The Most of Reporting

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Your employees take exams, and they are graded.  Your managers perform inspections and reviews, and the results are kept on file.  But what about that meeting you have with your manager every Tuesday?

He wants to know if everything was completed on time.  Or maybe you’re the business owner and need to see how a particular employee is performing because he is eligible for promotion.

Today, we’ll walk you through creating custom reports so that you can figure it out exactly what you need to know, exactly when you need to know it.

To help you get started, we’ve created a few default reports for you.  Each of these is just a starting point- they can be manipulated to meet your needs and display only the data you wish to see.  We’ll break them down for you, and give a few use cases for each.

Absence Status Report

If you are using Forgely to keep track of disturbances in work attendance, you’re going to want to check out this report.  Filter by a particular employee to look for a pattern, or filter by an entire team to forecast for an upcoming month.  We suggest saving a report that emails every month so that you have any info you need that would affect payroll.

Exam Results

Use this report if you need to check out a particular employee’s exam scores, or want to see who has the most overdue exams.  You can even filter by manager to see which of your managers are most regularly training their team.  If most of your training is due on a weekly basis, save this report to email every week, so overdue assignments can be addressed right away.

Incident Status Report

If you’re recording incidents for your employees on Forgely, this report is worth checking out.   Filter by employee or manager to see which team or individual is racking up the most incidents.  If you have to terminate someone, a print out of this report could be used in a termination package.

Inspection Status Report

Whether you have employee performed inspections set up, or manager performed, as a business owner and manager, you need to know who is falling behind.  Filter by incomplete or past due inspections, or check for past due acknowledgements to see which employees aren’t taking advantage of their opportunity for feedback.

Review Status Report

Annual and Quarterly Reviews are easy to forget, even if they’re showing up in your dashboard.  This report can help you find what reviews are past due, or which employees are not acknowledging their results.

Training Report

This report will display class names, so you can stay on top of training from a higher level.  Instead of viewing exam scores, filter by status- incomplete, complete, past due.

Don’t forget that we start off with all company data, and you have the option to filter down to a particular location, manager, or individual.  Once you find a combination of filters you like, save the report.  You can access it at any time in your “Custom Reports” tab.  You can also choose to have the report emailed to you at a frequency of your choosing.

With Forgely, there’s no excuse for not being prepared for that management meeting!

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