How to Make the Best Out of Your Website’s Team Page

Tablet surrounded by tools.

Working in the customer service industry often means your employees are the face of your company. The addition of team member photos on your website is a way for your customers to connect with your team and see the heart and soul of your company. Whether it’s to see if they can trust you or just to put a face to the person they spoke with on the phone, team photos can have a major impact on your customer relations.

The team page on your website is a way for you to share your company’s expertise and personality with your customers. On your team page you may simply include your team members and their titles, but if you want to make a real connection with your customers we encourage incorporating biographies and employee photos for each member to allow their true personality to shine.

In order to present high quality team photos that will display the level of professionalism you portray, it is important to have consistency throughout the images on your site. This will improve the presentation of your company and your employees, as well as give your website continuity. Listed below is a set of recommended guidelines to help you take the best team photos for your website.

Photo Guidelines

  • Photos should be taken with a digital camera or iPhone camera. This will allow for the correct resolution for the website
  • Team members should all stand in front of the same background to display unity throughout all images, preferably a white or light colored background.
  • The person taking the photo should maintain the same distance and perspective in all photos. Approximately 5-8 feet away is the recommended distance.
  • Photos should be taken around the same time of day to ensure that the lighting is consistent throughout all photos
  • Wearing your company shirt or other uniforms in the photos increases the level of professionalism and unity amongst the team. 
  • After you have taken the photo, make sure the image is not blurry

Doing your best to follow these guidelines will significantly improve the visual appeal of the team page photos on your website. Sometimes, in your busy day, it is difficult to meet all of these requirements with all of your employees, but keep in mind that additional edits can always be made by our design experts. We hope you found this useful, don’t forget these tips at your next photo shoot!