Building Brand Affinity: How to make your customers love you – and keep coming back

customer giving handshake to service worker

“Brand affinity”? What is it – exactly? And why is it important to your field service company?

Simply put, brand affinity refers to the connection your customers have with your company – the emotional tie that keeps them coming back no matter what your competitors do because they identify with and trust your brand. And it’s truly important to your business.

Our partners at WorkWave recently hosted a webinar focused on exactly this. Industry experts Heather McLeod, Chief Marketing Officer at Authority Brands; Daniel O’Donnal, Chief Sales Officer and Partner at Saela; and Chris Brasher, Vice President of Product Marketing at WorkWave; talked about creating a customer experience that results in consumers fighting for your brand and values – and the steps you can take to make it happen. We highly recommend watching the entire conversation for yourself, but here are a few key takeaways:

· One key challenge for field service businesses particularly is that you don’t have a tangible product that your customers can hold in their hands – their opinion of your company is based entirely on the experience you provide them.

· Your employees are the most important gateway to a positive customer experience. They are interacting with your customers at their homes, so it’s especially important that they feel comfortable, respected and satisfied with their service. For your customers, your employees ARE the brand experience.

· Invest in your team and provide them with reasons not just to stay with you, but to do an excellent job every time. For example, incentives for getting a positive Google review for the company that mentions them by name.

· The better you treat your employees, the longer they will stick around. Longer-term, experienced employees help you elevate your level of service overall. A higher level of service will create a better experience for your customers. As your employees stay with you, so will your customers.

What else can you do to create brand affinity and keep your customers happy, loyal and coming back year after year? Check out the rest of the webinar to see what our experts had to say.

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