Alternatives to Growth

While many business owners are putting processes in place to grow their businesses, some might be thinking differently. In the beginning of 2017, PCT Magazine came out with an interesting article about mergers and acquisitions. They shared that roughly half of all global pest control businesses are operating out of North America, which is creating a large amount of interest from large international pest control brands. Out the $7.7 billion dollars North American pest control companies bring in annually, New York, Florida, Texas and California account for roughly 40% of that. (PCT Magazine)

The pest control industry is expected to grow another 4.5% in 2019, according to Statista. So, with a growing industry and global recognition, it’s important for you, as a pest control owner, to be aware of the state of the market as things continue to grow and change. For that reason, we’ve invited Dan Gordon, CPA and managing partner of PCO Bookkeepers, Turf Books, and M&A Specialists, to speak at our annual conference, CO2.

Dan Gordon has over 20 years of accounting services under his belt and has worked with hundreds of pest control companies to ensure that their finances are set up for rapid growth. He also specializes in mergers and acquisitions in the pest control industry. This year, he’ll be speaking at CO2 about the state of the market currently and where he’s expecting the industry to go within the next two to five years.

He’s also co-hosting a workshop with Donnie Shelton, owner of Coalmarch Productions and Triangle Pest Control, about how to create and implement key performance indicators for your team. Dan will be covering how to record key performance indicators, how to set a realistic budget for 2019, how to analyze key financial statements and more. 

CO2 will be held in Raleigh, NC from December 4-7. Get your ticket today! 

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