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On-site optimization is crucial to the success of your website - and your business. When you partner with Coalmarch Productions for search engine optimization (SEO) services, we do more than throw a bunch of keywords on your site and call it a day. We have a comprehensive checklist for reviewing your current site so we can get you ahead of the pack.

Effective SEO takes skill and nuance.  Yes, we research what keywords will have the most impact, where they should go on your site, and how often they should be used. But we also evaluate page titles, meta descriptions, headlines, and overall content, and ensure they’re all working together to bring more people to your website. Our audits of your current on-page and organic optimization allow us to create a strategy that turns those insights into actionables.

Our Process

First, we take a thorough look at your company’s online presence. From there, we’ll audit your current website to to determine how it’s performing, create a custom SEO blueprint - a spreadsheet that contains all of the SEO elements on your site (including page titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and H1s) - and set up your site with Google and Bing Webmaster to validate your website on the internet. Once we’re done with that, we’ll be ready to create and implement your custom SEO strategy to get your website ranking for your most important and profitable key terms.

Everything your site needs to rank

Our organic optimization service includes regularly adding content to your site and reviewing all pages to ensure the technical setup is correct. This includes customized page titles, optimized URL structure, keyword research and implementation, and H1 tags that will target your key audience.

A custom strategy for your business and goals

Our SEO services in Raleigh are comprehensive and come down to one universal goal: making money for your business.

We take all of the most relevant factors for your search engine success into consideration so that you can compete directly for your top keywords. Best of all, when you have us on your side you don’t just succeed - you have options.

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