Drupal Development

Looking for a scaleable, reliable CMS?

Drupal could be a great fit for your needs. The Drupal open source content management system (CMS) presents some great options, and there are thousands of people just like us working to develop more functionality and support the platform everyday.

We have been working with Drupal as our primary development platform since 2008, which means we got an early start and have been polishing our skills ever since. That means we know Drupal, inside and out (if we don’t mind saying so). We love bringing that experience and knowledge to bear on our clients’ projects. So what is it, exactly? Learn more about Drupal below!


So what’s this Drupal thing, anyway?

Drupal is an open source content management system written in PHP, utilizing the LAMP environment, Linux, Apache, MySQl, and PHP. Because it is open source we have access to the code base, which allows us to customize features and functionality to create exceptional websites.

At Coalmarch we create websites that allow our clients to interact with their customers the way they have always wanted to. With our completely customized website options, we design and build your site exactly the way that you envision it.

All of the extras you wanted on your site that before were challenges just became opportunities.

Capabilities of Drupal include e-commerce, content management, relational website development, blogs, slideshows, forums, photo galleries, calendar scheduling and event management, social media integration, and more.

One final word. We won’t sell you something you don’t need. We work with you beforehand to discuss your needs and then develop a custom website quote based on that.  If that sounds good to you give us a call or email today to discuss your website project!