Review Generation

Why (and How) You Should Generate Online Reviews

“Google it.” Nowadays, that phrase is the beginning of a solution to any problem that occurs. Not sure which truck to buy? Google it. Not sure where to get the best deals on chemicals? Google it.

You can spend hours searching the web and comparing the best products and services. But, what’s one of the most important things that drives your purchasing decision? Reviews. Are other people happy with this product or services? What problems did they have with it? Did they return it? Did they have a positive customer experience? We call this social proof.

Your customers are doing the exact same thing.

While it’s true you don’t want to constantly be comparing your company to your competitors, when it comes to online reviews, it’s different. Let’s say a customer is making a purchasing decision between two companies that perform the exact same service. Are they going to choose the company with 50 reviews or the company with 200 reviews? It’s great that your company has 50 reviews, but in the grand scheme of things, it could actually be hurting your business. In this case, more is better.


Our client, Bel-O Pest Solutions, came to us asking for help with increasing the amount of online reviews they were getting. They decided to give ReviewBoost a try, and couldn’t believe the numbers after just using ReviewBoost for one month. Before ReviewBoost, they had 0 Facebook reviews and 19 Google Reviews. By the end of the first month, they had generated 27 new Facebook reviews, and 17 new Google reviews with a perfect 5 star rating!


Our sister company, Triangle Pest Control, has used ReviewBoost for quite some time. They like it because out of 91 SMS texts sent, 14 reviews were generated on Facebook and Google+, which is a 15.38% conversion rate! To put this in perspective, according to Market Insider Group the average click-through rate for an email in the Agricultural Services industry is 3%.

The Problem

In Donnie Shelton’s book, Grow, he states “80% of consumers give the same amount of trust to online reviews as they do to a personal recommendation”

So, how do you get your customers to leave reviews?

ReviewBoost is our review generation tool that works perfectly with your Sprowt site and is specifically designed to encourage customers to leave you positive reviews on Facebook, Google+, Angie's List and more.

How it works:

  1. Upload your completed weekly service calls to your Sprowt website
  2. ReviewBoost sends your clients a survey within the hour via email or text message
  3. Happy customers will be routed to a page where the customer can fill out a positive review online!
  4. The results of all your great surveys will be emailed to you once they are completed.

Highlighted Features

Control Over Review Websites
Want to up your game on Angie’s list or Facebook? ReviewBoost allows you to choose up to 3 websites that your customers can leave reviews on, including Facebook, Google+, BBB, Yellow Pages, and Angie’s List.

Control Over Positive (and Negative) Reviews
With ReviewBoost’s optional survey, you can gauge your customer’s satisfaction level before they fill out a review online, allowing your managers to fix any problems that arise immediately. Confident in your customer satisfaction level? Skip the survey and send them straight to the review websites. 

Cost Effective Solution
Reviews shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg if you have more than one location. ReviewBoost makes it easy to send company branded text messages and emails to serviced customers from any of your branch locations.
(Bonus! If you are using PestPac as your CRM, we can walk you through pulling and editing the correct report to make things even easier.)

ReviewBoost has worked much better than expected in my opinion. 23 new reviews in a few weeks is astounding! Before the review boost we couldn’t get 23 reviews in 3 years!!! Thank you so much for helping us with this area.

Sid Sexton Sexton Lawn & Landscape

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