How to Improve your Team Building and Engagement

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the working environment during 2020 in pest control and lawn care. Because of the pandemic, the way we interact with others has changed and businesses of all industries around the world are taking preventative measures. Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles that companies have to overcome when working remotely is finding ways to keep employees productive and maintain a sense of community. Whether your team is working remotely or distanced, in a big team or small team, try these fun ideas to keep them engaged and to encourage team building.

The Science Behind Seasonal Budgets

You can find seasonality in almost every business and the fact of the matter is that ebbs and flows are just a natural part of running a small business. The pest control industry experiences seasonality more often than other industries due to the nature of pests. How often do you think about seasonality when setting a budget for the year? Do you wonder if what you have budgeted will be enough for you to reach your growth goals? Get tips on what you should consider when planning your seasonal marketing budget for the year.

Decreasing Onboarding Time for your CSRs

Think of onboarding as the foundation of your new employee’s experience at your pest control or lawn care company. Onboarding new CSRs efficiently and effectively is as important to your customers as it is for your team and business. Creating an onboarding process with intentionality in your pest control company is crucial because CSRs are the front line of communication for your brand. Therefore, an efficient onboarding strategy must consist of good quality training in a short amount of time. Try these practical ways to decrease onboarding time for your CSRs, while still providing quality training.