The Importance of Training Your Employees


What Makes a Company Successful?

Importance of training employees Is it the brand, name recognition, or reputation? The sales and profit? Hot new technology or services? Customer satisfaction, great results, and strong market share?

You’re probably thinking all of the above- and you’re right- but there’s one piece to success that makes all of these possible. Or more importantly, a piece that makes success a lot more difficult if you don’t have it.

Your people. Who you hire and how you invest in them is critical to success. Think of the companies that are constantly referenced as the “best,” like Google, Netflix, Southwest, Zappos. It won’t take you long to find a bevy of articles that showcase the commitments these companies have to their people. Forbes reported that in the US, spending on employee training increased by 15% in 2014, and that spending is paying off- the companies who spent the most per employee saw the most consistent results. (Check out the full article here.) 

Hire great people, then train them so they perform at their best. Create an experience that fosters job satisfaction and purpose. All that will drive retention, consistency, and results. Sounds like a good recipe for success, right?

This article published by the Houston Chronicle sums up the benefits of training pretty well. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Addressing Weaknesses: No one walks in on their first day and knows how to do their job well, and even after they do, they’ll still have areas for improvement. Regular training can help resolve weaknesses and lead to more autonomous, competent job performance.
  • Improved Employee Performance: Training leads to more motivated, confident employees because they are knowledgeable about their role and industry. If they’re performing well, they’re more likely to be engaged in the company goals and success.
  • Consistency: Practice makes perfect. Training on a regular basis will yield more consistent performance at both the individual and group level. Consistent performance leads to consistent results. 
  • Employee Satisfaction: Employees who get regular training and development are much more likely to feel valued and appreciated by their company. They’ll know that their own success is a priority, whereas the opposite could lead to unfulfilled, job-searching employees who are less likely to stick around. And, ultimately, turnover means more time, work, and money finding and training new people.

Forgely & How We Can Help!

At Forgely, we’re drinking that “invest in your people” Kool-aid, all with the goal of making our company more successful. We have at least one company-wide training a month, and various departmental training as well. We know the benefits of regular training, and the positive impact it has for all of us.

We also know the challenges of training- scheduling, keeping track of who’s done what (or not), how effective the training is, etc. It’s hard enough just to make time for training and development, and even harder to make it happen consistently. 

So when we were brainstorming in the early stages of Forgely development, building a feature that made it easier to schedule and track employee training was a no-brainer. Forgely University lets you create and schedule training on whatever your employees need, including materials and exams. You only have to set up the scheduling once. Make your training one-time only, or repeating based on what you need. 

You and your team can see progress from the Dashboard page as soon as you log in. Our Reports section also let’s you see how your employees are doing, and whether they’re passing their tests or meeting their deadlines. You can also re-assign training to an employee if new information or policies come up, or if someone just isn’t meeting expectations. 

We hope you’re already onboard with training your people, and we’d love to help you make it easier! Click here to make your commitment to your team and make training a priority.