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The Problem With One Stop Shops

We all know those companies- the “fusion” companies that try to be multiple things. They try to do lawn care, pest control, crawl space restoration, mold removal and a variety of other things. For...
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Conference Season is here!

When you think of fall, what do you think of? Most people think of pumpkins, trick or treating with your kids, and letting yourself indulge in plenty of sweet treats. When we think of fall, we think...
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How To Relate To Your Pest Control Customer

The real question is why do you need to know this? You have a pest control company and people have pest control problems, what more do you need to know? For starters, the more you understand about...
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employee turnover

What does your employee turnover rate mean?

Employees leave companies for a variety of reasons- maybe they’re seasonal, maybe they found a better opportunity elsewhere or maybe they just weren’t the right fit. Employee turnover is inevitable,...
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co2 2018

Key Performance Indicators 101

Have you ever set a New Year’s Resolution and a month later realize that you’re not on the right track and just give up? That’s okay, 90% of people do (..guilty as charged). One reason that I lose...
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customer relationship management

Making the Most of your CRM

Consider this: you’re a growing pest control or lawn care company. You have a few people on your sales team who are reaching out to potential customers all day long. Each salesperson talks to 20...
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