Your Comprehensive, Fool-Proof Hiring Checklist

March 21st, 2017
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If your service company heats up in the spring and summer months, you’re probably working on building up your A-team right now. The busy season seems to start earlier and earlier every year, and despite this latest cold snap, that’s definitely the case for most of you.

With leads pouring in and hiring left to do, you’re probably wondering, “How am I going to keep up?!”  Here at Forgely, we know that hiring is one of your greatest challenges as a business owner. Your team is facing your customers every day, which means they need to be trustworthy, knowledgeable, and engaging. One bad experience between a customer and a technician can be a serious problem for your company.

We’ve talked a lot about hiring, because we believe so strongly that a quality team is the foundation of a successful service company. From hiring and retaining the best technicians to making your job postings stand out we’re all about making this crucial element of your business run as smoothly as possible.

Today, we’re offering up a comprehensive checklist that will easily take you from applications to training so you can build a quality team for the season ahead.

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Coalmarch employee Maggie Baker

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Coalmarch employee Maggie Baker
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