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Train Your Techs to Cross-Sell

June 11th, 2019
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Your home service business has a lot to offer its customers. Chances are your customers are not familiar with how these services could benefit them.  

Training technicians to cross-sell will either encourage customers to invest in a service right away or increase their awareness of your services should they decide they want them in the future.  

Sounds like a win-win situation, right? It gets better!

Cross-selling is remarkably cost-effective. It is much less expensive to retain a current customer than it is to attract a new one, and cross-selling is key in bringing that principle to life.  

Cross Selling is a Balancing Act

Cross-selling involves a delicate balance between being an expert in the services your business provides, and understanding how those services can meet your customers current or future needs. Mastering the art of these two skills should put your techs well on their way to becoming professional cross-sellers.  

1. Know your business.  

Your technicians should be experts on the business they represent. They should know the services your business offers, and how they relate to each other, better than the back of their hand. Furthermore, they should know which of those services will best meet their customer's current needs.

When it comes to recommendations, honesty is the best policy. Your tech might have a genuine concern about future problems a customer could run into based on what they see during a visit.  

For example, if a tech notices termite activity during a quarterly treatment, they should give their honest opinion on how the customer should approach preventing further damage. Transparency from your technicians about their action plan can go a long way in building a relationship with customers.  

Wondering how you can make your techs feel confident explaining an issue to a customer - and how your business can fix it? Try these strategies:

  • Train your techs on frequently asked questions and responses to them, so they can confidently comfort their customers.  

  • Ensure techs are knowledgeable in the types of services (and their price points) you offer to help them be more successful in appealing to their customer’s needs.

  • Allow techs to shadow sales or CSR teams so they can pick up tips and tricks from the professionals.  

  • Use Forgely to assign customer service training courses to your technicians.

  • Make it a team effort.  Highlight cross-selling across your team and emphasize how it impacts your bottom line.  

2. Listen to your customer's desires

Being attentive and listening to what your customer is looking for will help guide their experience. Training your techs to understand customers current needs is a crucial component of an effective cross-selling strategy.  

No one likes having to say no -  and furthermore, no one likes having to say no more than once. Pushing your customer on ideas that they have explicitly stated they are not interested in will make them feel like they are not being heard.

Instead, try implementing low-pressure sales tactics. Proposing an idea, then allowing the customer to make a buying decision. This puts your customer in a position of control. It is their choice to proceed, and they won't feel like they were talked into something they didn't actually want.  

If a customer declines an offer, it is not a total loss quite yet.

  • Have your tech politely ask them why they do not want to have that service.  Their response can help techs tailor their pitch for the next customer.

  • After a service, leave your customers with a little something to remind them of you.  This is where you can get creative! Having a brochure, handwritten sticky note or even a text message could be fun creative ways to stay in your customer’s mind.

Make Cross Selling Part of your Curriculum

Incorporating technical training with customer experience training creates an integrated experience specific to pest and lawn care technicians.  This will help them balance the expertise of their business, with understanding the needs of their customers.

Forgely has a large compilation of community resources that members have access to.  These tools include customer experience training, technical training, and many more resources.  

Technicians might not be thrilled at the idea of cross-selling to their customers.  Giving them an incentive is an effective way to get them on board. For example, Triangle Pest Control uses a little friendly competition to get their techs invested in utilizing their sales training.  They also hold weekly meetings where the whole team reviews their progress.

Another approach could be opportunities for bonuses which prove to be big motivators for some employees.  Even non-financial perks like extended time off around the holidays will encourage employees to give it their all.  

Monitoring performance to implement these incentives is not a pain if you use Forgely. Regular inspections and reviews can be customized to feature your business’s KPIs. This will encourage an open dialogue between you and your technicians about how they are performing relative to your expectations.

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