Podcasts and Babies and Websites, Oh My!

April 4th, 2017

2017 has come in like a lion, as they say, whoever "they" are. 

Coalmarch has always been a dynamic workplace, and the past quarter hasn't been any different. Here are some highlights from Q1:

Alanna Young joined the inbound marketing team at the tail end of January and has been a boon to her clients and coworkers alike. But - (no offense, Alanna!) - she was promptly upstaged by a little meatball named Hudson.

The meatball, Huck

Meg Parrish, Sales Strategist extraordinaire, brought Hudson "Huck" Joseph Parrish and his big, squishy cheeks into the world on February 2, 2017! We adore them both, but to be fair, only one completely stops the flow of work the moment they cross our threshold. 

Speaking of thresholds, we moved! That's right, we decided we were way too cool for Fayetteville Street, so we packed up and went aaaaaall the way around the corner to Wilmington Street. 

It was a struggle to fit this whole route in the shot, but we persevered

We like to think we entertained the people of downtown as we marched our candy colored stabilization balls and Nerf guns from one office to the other. The move is temporary - we've got something really, really ridiculously cool in the works for early 2018 - so, for now, we're back to our sitting-together-in-one-big-room roots. Aaaw.

Wild millennials spotted in downtown Raleigh

Somehow, amidst all the baby ogling and packing and unpacking, we managed to get some work done! A lot of work, actually. In the past three months, we've launched nine new websites and added 115 new Forgely customers. Y'all, that is some serious action. 

Q2 SPOILER ALERT: The beard is gone, but the mustache remains

Q2 SPOILER ALERT: The beard is gone, but the mustache remains

Analytics Director Lee Kennedy was buzzing all around town, appearing in person at the Raleigh SEO Meetup and virtually on the Growth Marketing Toolbox podcast to drop knowledge about Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. But he wasn't the only one. A hefty handful of Coalmarchers were spotted across the Triangle at networking events, career fairs, and speaking engagements. 

  • We're giving away a free copy of Grow! This is essential reading for service companies and...heck...really any company that wants to win the marketing game online. Head over to our Facebook and Twitter for more details. 
  • Want to check out our new digs? We're proud to be a part of AIGA Raleigh's Studio Tour(ist) series on Tuesday, April 18th from 5:30to 9pm. Our doors will be open, we'll all be here, and we'll definitely have the best snacks. 
  • Lee will continue to spread the good analytics word by explaining his latest development, LeadCast, with his webinar on April 11that 2pm. Sign up here and learn how Coalmarch is using historical weather and website engagement data to build custom lead forecasts for our clients. 
  • We're hard at work putting together the second annual CO2 conference, the premier owner's summit for smart service companies. Last year will be hard to beat, but we're confident we've got it in the bag. Early bird pricing is still in effect - get your tickets today and save some scratch!
  • We've got something else up our sleeve that's really cool and we can't tell you about yet but you're totally gonna love it. Trust us.

PHEW, that was a lot. As a thank you for hanging in there, we offer this snippet from our Slack channel:

Kyle's kid stuck a piece of wood in his nose. If you can't see the picture, we're very sorry.

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