How to Upload Employee Photos

December 14th, 2015
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Why not make things a bit more personal and upload employee photos for all of your employees?  Or, if you'd like your employees to upload their own photos, they can now upload their best (work appropriate) selfie.

To upload pictures for all employees: 

Head over to the Manage tab, and click on the first employee on your list. Click the circle beside their name to upload a new picture. Grab the file from your computer, and crop the photo as needed. Once you have the photo centered as you’d like, click to save.  

To change your own profile picture:

Start on your dashboard, and click on the circle at the top.  Follow the on-screen instructions to upload your new picture and crop as needed.  Save once you have the image cropped and centered to your liking.


Ready to try it out for yourself?  Click here to log in!

Coalmarch employee Maggie Baker

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Coalmarch employee Maggie Baker
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