What We Believe

Our guiding principle: You can learn most anything on the job, but you can’t learn how to be a good person.

That’s why we strive to bring on team members who uphold a core set of values in and out of the office. HUPPSA (think “huzzah!) is the cornerstone of our hiring and of our daily lives at Coalmarch.

By focusing on being Helpful, Upstanding, Positive, Passionate, Smart, and Authentic, we’ve grown an amazing team of uniquely talented individuals with diverse backgrounds. We believe we are a stronger organization thanks to the different experiences and viewpoints our team members bring to the table.



What are friends for? Whether it’s sharing new SEO tips with the team, offering to walk a client through connecting their email to their iPad, or just restocking the Dr. Pepper in the fridge – the Coalmarch team knows that getting the job done goes a lot smoother with extra helping hands.




We’re big believers in doing the right thing, even when it’s not the easy thing. We care about the success of each client, which is why we will always be up front about the hard stuff.




Even on our toughest days, the Coalmarch team always strives to build each other up and spread our infectious positivity to one another and to our clients. We like to create an environment that makes us want to come to work everyday, and having a good attitude is a big part of that! After all, who wants to work in an office full of curmudgeons?




We’re designers, artists, writers, analysts, musicians, and explorers. Some of us get a little geeky over spreadsheets or local restaurants, others nerd out over code snippets or a new band – and when we get so excited we just can’t hide it, we share those passions and interests with the rest of the team. We think it makes us all better at our jobs.




Coalmarchers are constantly working on new skills to improve, professionally and personally. We are lifelong learners and proud of it. From tapestry weaving classes to SEO conferences, we want to learn it all. The collective (sometimes useful) knowledge at Coalmarch makes for one heck of a trivia powerhouse.




At Coalmarch, we’re not afraid to be unapologetically, uniquely us. We believe that when it comes to working effectively, having a team that’s willing to speak their minds and bring their unique insight to the table is key. Whether it’s giving honest feedback or letting our freak flags fly, we always value individuality and honesty!