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Matt Hileman

Account Executive

Meet Matthew

In the Office

Matt hails from Lynchburg, VA and draws on a wealth of career experience across multiple service industries. Having previously worked in blue-collar home service companies allows him to empathize and uniquely understand his clients’ needs. After a long career in service, he studied the latest techniques in digital marketing directly from Google and subsequently earned multiple Google product certifications. While previously working as an SEO specialist, he helped small business owners be discovered online and bring leads to their doorsteps. This experience has been invaluable in helping his Coalmarch clients holistically understand the value of their marketing services. He is focused on building lasting relationships that help clients achieve their goals (and then some).

Out of the Office

In his free hours, you can most often find him spending quality time with his fiancee and their many (some might say too many) pets. As a firm believer that knowledge is power, he enjoys learning new skills and practicing the ones he has already acquired. His hobbies include tinkering, woodworking, collecting vintage video games, Cajun cooking, playing music with his friends, and gardening. He also loves to watch the robot fights on BattleBots and dreams about sponsoring a team one day.