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1. Keyword AND Market Research

Pay Per Click advertising is highly competitive, both on a local and national scale. We conduct thorough research on the top search terms and keywords that your target audiences use to find your services.

After a careful examination of which keywords and combination of keywords are driving search factors, we conduct market research to see how you're competitors are performing using PPC campaigns. This helps us further identify areas of opportunity, and structures our advertising plan for optimized online content. 

2. Copywriting AND Creative

PPC advertising can include text only ads, or banner ads that contain flash or images. We'll help you determine the most effective ad type based on your business goals, target audience, and budget before using our creative prowess to produce high quality online campaigns. 

Copywriting for PPC ads is an art form, requiring us to pack in top search terms while clearly communicating your value proposition in less than 70 characters per ad!

If you're using image, or flash banner ads, we've also got you covered and will design on-brand materials that users can't ignore. 

3. Campaign Management

The top search engines - Google, Bing & Yahoo, each run their own distinct PPC purchasing and management systems. We'll help you determine whether you need to advertise across all three or only focus efforts on one before starting a campaign. 

Once the advertisements have been created and approved, we'll implement them on the search engine platforms best suited to your efforts and manage all of your advertising campaigns so that you can focus on running your business.

We'll make sure that the ads are compliant with platform guidelines, monitor monthly budgets, track performance, and make modifications based on regular metric reporting. 

If an ad's performance isn't giving you the ROI we'd like to see - we'll use our expertise to change or remove an ad, and allocate your advertising dollars to better performing content.

4. Analysis and Reporting

There's an astounding amount of data that can be collected from just a singular PPC campaign, including the number of times the ad was shown, the impressions it received, and number of times it was clicked. We can gather additional information about an ad's performance based on the user's behavior once they leave the ad and come to the desired web page on your site .

For us, click through rate is not as indicative of a successful advertisement as the calls or contact forms you receive from your website as a result of PPC traffic. 

We'll correlate all of this data into a monthly report that's easy for you to understand, with a clear breakdown of campaign performance that includes a holistic analysis of audience behavior that goes beyond the numbers. 

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