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More than just a pretty face…

Creating a great website is more than just designing a beautiful site. At Coalmarch in Raleigh, NC we are dedicated to designing and building smart, functional, and usable websites that will help your business or organization reach its goals.

We build great looking, responsive websites on the open source platform, Drupal. Even better, we take advantage of the relational aspects of the Drupal content management system to create smart websites.

Website design and development is at the heart of what Coalmarch does. We work hard to produce a website that looks great and works for you, allowing you to focus on what you are really great at, running your business.

Amazing Website Designs

We’re gonna toot our horn here, yeah, we said toot. We are pretty great at website design. We should be, we’ve been at it for a good while. If you want a site that makes your company or organization look awesome, you’re in the right place.

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Website Design

Website Design

Drupal Experts, right here in Raleigh, North Carolina

We design and develop our websites on the open source platform, Drupal. Because it is open source, Drupal is a cost effective content management system with a huge amount of support in the development community.

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Mobile and Responsive Design from Coalmarch

The mobile audience of the internet is growing rapidly, experts estimate that mobile traffic will outpace desktop traffic by 2014. If your website isn’t addressing the mobile audience, it needs to be, and we can show you how.

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Mobile and Responsive Website Design

Website Design

Smart Websites

At Coalmarch we make smart, relational websites. We find ways to make intelligent connections between content types, to more effectively communicate your value proposition to your audience.

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September 16, 2015

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Numismatics Drupal Website Design Featured Project

Website Featured Project

U.S. Secure Coins is a Texas based numismatics company specializing in selling American new issue as well as collectible coinage. Their target audience is an affluent, educated collector who is typically building or attempting to complete a set.

We tapped the magic of the romantic connection between collectible coins and historical events that occurred when the coins were in circulation. In order to do this we created a site that invites the user to take a journey through not only numismatics, but history. By combining great user interface design with subtle jQuery and HTML5 effects we created an elegant, informative, and sophisticated website for our client.

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