Close Leads Faster
Automated, next-step focused communication helps to seal the deal faster and more effectively.
Every Lead Accounted For
Capture leads from technicians in the field instantly and hand off communication to CSRs seamlessly.
Control the Message
Your techs aren't sales experts. Custom response templates take the guesswork out of follow-up.
Manage Upsells in the Field

Your technicians are out on the front lines. As they service a customer's home, they can submit any emergent pest issues through the Tech Lead Form.

Your customers receive an automated text/email follow-up with a recommendation to upgrade their service. With customizable templates, you can eliminate mistakes and ensure every message is fast, efficient, and on-brand.

Maximize Upsells in the Office

Don't just collect cross-sell opportunities - capitalize on them! 

Tech Lead Form submissions connect directly to your CRM, creating a fresh lead for your sales team to follow up, so you'll never miss out on current customer leads.  

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Built For Pest & Lawn Teams

All of our Call Center Solutions tools were developed to support the way that lawn care companies and pest control call centers operate, seamlessly connecting your team and streamlining communications. 

Templated Outreach

Craft your own outreach templates for current customer after-service messaging and potential customer inspection follow-ups, so you'll know everyone is getting the right message at the right time. 

PestPac Integration

Connect with apps your team is already using, allowing techs to access or update customer information on the go, transferring details to your CSRs automatically. *Feature is an additional cost & requires our CallTrackingMetrics phone system. 

Integrated Communication Hub

Texts send through Call Tracking Metrics, so your entire team can access full conversation history with each and every customer. Manage and track all customer communication from one dashboard.

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