Meet the Future of Customer Experience
Increase Sales Accountability

Give your managers visibility into how CSRs are handling incoming calls and identify bottlenecks in your sales & customer service processes.

Increase Frontline Efficiency

Store multi-channel data where your whole team can access it and manage all call, text, and webform communications in one platform.

Improve Onboarding Speed & Efficiency

With easy-to-review call recording and listening-in features, new hires can learn faster without taking time away from other team members.

Sales Enablement Tools for Success

SprowtSell is a suite of products designed to improve sales team efficiency & performance. 

Built on a powerful call tracking phone system that helps growing pest control and lawn care companies turn great leads into great customers, SprowtSell integrates communication & performance data with your CRM - so your sales team never skips a beat.

Tech Lead Form

Collect & manage leads from techs out in the field, automating technician communication with customers to quickly capitalize on cross-sell opportunities & maximize customer experience.

Automated Call Scripts

Simplify and strengthen sales efficiency with customizable, interactive call scripts that collect customer data and guide CSRs step-by-step through new sales, customer questions, and cancellations. 

Speed Lead

When it comes to following up with a lead, every second counts. Incoming webform submissions instantly trigger a call that connects your sales team with prospects before they have a chance to check out the competition.


Communicate faster with leads and current customers using SMS that your CSRs can manage straight from the CallTrackingMetrics dashboard. 


When your customers are ready to make a purchasing decision, make it easy for them. eBooking allows customers to choose a package, select preferred dates and times, and pay for services online. 

Live Chat

Connect with customer questions & concerns quickly with live chat integrated on your site. Manage & track instant messaging, whether it’s coming from a first-time contact or a current customer all from your CTM dashboard.


Power Your Call Center with Data

SprowtSell is more than just a comprehensive call center management solution that streamlines team communication and maximizes sales efficiency with customizable routing options, agent dashboards, call scoring and data. 

SprowtSell integrates with your CRM - aligning your team with the right customer data and helping to close the loop between marketing and sales.

Improve close rate

Increase visibility on where your best leads are coming from and measure a true ROI by source, so you can focus on the channels that are driving results.

Unify Customer Experience

With a 360-degree view of your lead and customer data, your call center has everything they need to deliver an experience that drives long-term customer loyalty.

Integrate with Top Tools

Take it to the next level by integrating SprowtSell with your CRM. SprowtSell seamlessly integrates with PestPac, connecting your data across multiple customer touchpoints.

Find Your Fit

SprowtSell is available in bundled options to give your call center support where it needs it most.  

DATA Package

Prioritize sales efficiency and keep your sales team at peak performance with the CallTrackingMetrics Phone System and a suite of tools to streamline communication, track customer service performance, & connect your team with important customer data everywhere they go. 

  • Tech Lead Form
  • Automated Call Scripts
  • Speed Lead

Starting at $800/month

GROWTH Package

Your customers are busy - don’t let the time it takes to make a phone call stand between you and a sale. 

Combine the CallTrackingMetrics Phone System with an integrated suite of tools to quickly and seamlessly connect your call center with incoming leads, no matter how they prefer to communicate. 

  • Click-to-Text
  • eBooking
  • Live Chat

Starting at $500/month

Full Call Center Bundle

Access our full suite of tools at a discounted price with our full call center bundle.

Coalmarch also offers on-site installation and Day 1 support for CallTrackingMetrics phone system set-up to help train your team, troubleshoot, and ensure that you’re getting maximum value from these products.

Starting at $1,000/month

Sales Accountablility
Team Efficiency
Team Training
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