Sales Enablement Tools For Success

Our CTM integration is a powerful call tracking phone system that helps growing pest control and lawn care companies turn great leads into great customers. 

For the sales team that can't afford to skip a beat.

Increase Sales Accountability

Give your managers visibility into how CSRs are handling incoming calls and identify bottlenecks in your customer service and sales processes.

Increase Frontline Efficiency

Store multi-channel data where your whole team can access it and manage all call, text, and webform communications in one platform.

Improve Onboarding Speed & Efficiency

With easy-to-review call recording and listening-in features, new hires can learn faster without taking time away from other team members.

Sales Accountablility
Team Efficiency
Team Training

Our CTM integration also integrates fully with your website and PestPac, connecting you with the right customer data, helping to close the loop between marketing and sales and giving you access to the insights that matter most.

  • Improve Close Rate: Increase visibility on where your best leads are coming from and measure true ROI by source, so you can focus in on the channels that are driving results. 

  • Unify Customer Experience: With 360-degree views of your lead and customer data, your call center has everything they need to deliver an experience that drives long-term customer loyalty.

Coalmarch's CTM integration also includes a suite of tools to seamlessly connect your call center with your customers, no matter how they contact you. 


Don't let contact form leads slip away. Form submissions instantly trigger a call that connects your sales team with prospects before they can check out the competition. 


Communicate with mobile searchers using SMS that your CSRs can manage straight from their Call Tracking Metrics dashboard. 


EBooking makes it easy for customers to choose a package, select preferred dates and times for treatment, and pay for their service online.

Ready to see how Coalmarch can help you outsell the competition?