Improve Sales Closing Rate
Strategic next-step messaging and quick access to competitive data and scripted key differentiators gives your CSRs an edge to close the deal.
Better Lead Management
With scripts designed to collect contact info naturally, your team will be able to qualify incoming leads and recommend the best solution every time.
Accelerate Onboarding
Improve time-to-productivity with scripts that reinforce best practices, keep CSRs engaged, and enable your team to be prepared for any customer interaction.
Drive More Sales

Communication is arguably one of the most important skills when it comes to making new sales and retaining your current customers. Call Scripts make it easy to scale effective communication across your entire company, ensuring communication is consistent across your whole team and that the right message is being delivered to existing customers and new leads every time.

Built specifically for the lawn care and pest control industries, Call Scripts has been proven to increase your sales team’s conversion rate and drive more sales for your business.

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"This helps increase my sales conversion rate. Even if it helps me make one more sale a month, it pays for itself."
Steve Durham, EnviroCon Termite & Pest
Built For Pest & Lawn Teams

All of our Call Center Solutions tools were developed to support the way that lawn care companies and pest control call centers operate, seamlessly connecting your team and streamlining communications.

Templated Scripts

Building call scripts from scratch? Start with proven script templates used by other industry leaders and customize to fit your business, guiding your team through new sales, current customer questions, and cancellations.

Easy Script Building

Our platform is easy-to-use, allowing you to map even the most complex scripts that prompt your team to ask the right questions in the right order, qualifying incoming callers and finding solutions quickly.

PestPac Integration

Call Scripts has the capability to integrate with PestPac - giving CSRs immediate access to current customer data & transferring details from incoming leads directly to your CRM. *Feature is an additional cost & requires our CallTrackingMetrics phone system. 

Dynamic Entry

Route conversations with custom dynamic scripts that allow CSRs to fill customer details into custom fields as they walk step-by-step through common scenarios, maximizing the efficiency of your data collection.

Track Touchpoints

Used in conjunction with our suite of Call Center Solutions products, Call Scripts add additional layers of accountability within your company and team. You can reference past calls and have a digital record of every interaction with a potential or current customer. 

Integrated Hub for Communication

When used with the CallTrackingMetrics phone system, you'll be able to access full conversation history with each and every customer. Manage and track all customer communication from one dashboard.

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