Why You Need a Team Page

Your company is growing and you’re hiring. You post your job listings on Indeed, LinkedIn, and anywhere else you can find. You’re getting the clicks, but not getting the candidates you’re looking for. It’s time to ask, is your Team Page attracting the right employees?

Before your company chooses the right candidate, the right candidate must choose your company. That is where the team page comes in. So what is the team page?

“The team page” portion of your site has two parts: 1) about the company culture 2) individual employee profiles. This adds the human element to your website. No longer is your website about what [insert your company name here] does for your clients. It is about what Phil, Steve, and all your other employees do for your company, what each person brings to the table, and explains what you look for in your employees.

Coalmarch team page

Potential candidates (as well as customers) rely on this information to see if you are a match made in heaven. Don’t believe me? Take a look at your Google Analytics. If you have an existing team page, it will be near the top of your most visited pages. For Coalmarch, it is our 4th most visited section of our whole site, preceded only by our blogs (because they’re so good), our homepage, and our work.

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of the team page and the employee profiles that follow them.

When a job seeker comes to your team page, they want to know one simple thing: “would I be happy here?” If your page doesn’t slap them in the face with a giant “YES”, you have some work to do. After all, your business is an awesome place to work! It is here that you emphasize the company culture, the hard/great work you do, the valuable relationships you build, and the fun your company has working together. It shows that beyond the company name, or the industry, you’re a group of individuals that work as a functional team, bringing something great to the world.

Coalmarch team members

At this point, your job seeker is red in the face with excitement at the thought of working at your company. Now that your first date went well, it’s time to meet the team. Good thing you’re about to have kickass employee profiles for them to check out! So what makes a good employee profile?

  • $1,000,000 website redesign (just kidding).

  • Real (good) pictures! Seems obvious, but you’d be surprised. Selfies and avatars are not welcome here.

  • A balance between professional and personal details. Let their personalities shine, further showing that they’re real people outside of work.

  • Highlight any accomplishments/awards/certifications.

  • Their favorite part about working for your company.

  • Optional: Incorporating a fun theme across your employee profiles shows that, although they have individual profiles, they all enjoy participating as a team.

Team Profile

Your team page has done its job. Your job seeker is blown away, collapsed on the floor due to their sheer desire to work for your company. And they’re not the only one! Applications and resumes are flooding into your inbox, all qualified candidates eager to join your team. 

What to do from there? Onboard 'em, train 'em, and move on to the next. Might we suggest Forgely? It automates everything from hiring to training to incident management, saving you and your managers time and energy better used for growing your awesome business.