You can't afford not to track your leads
What you don't know about lead performance can make or break your business

At Coalmarch by Workwave - we've been helping growing pest control and lawn care companies track their leads and exceed their goals to maximize their growth potential for over ten years. 

We're sharing a toolkit we've been refining for a decade, designed to help you:

  • Define and qualify leads
  • Track leads from multiple sources with consistency
  • Report and gather valuable insights from tracking data
  • Get more leads
Don't just collect lead data.
Get valuable insights into marketing performance.

The Complete Guide to Tracking Leads goes beyond just WHAT to track. We'll also show you WHY that information is important, and what it contributes to your long-term growth.

Accurate lead tracking data can help you:

  • Determine which marketing channels are driving low-cost, qualified leads
  • Identify channels that aren't profitable
  • Track paid ad spend and calculate CPL in real-time
  • See if overall lead performance has you on track to hit your annual goals
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