12:00 PM EST | Day 1 Kickoff

12:15 PM EST | Session 1
State of the Industry: Marketing in 2021
Rachel Betterbid, Director of Digital Marketing, Coalmarch

Renew your focus, advance your marketing strategy, and learn which channels are worth your time, where to take risks, and how to evaluate success in 2021.

12:45 PM EST | Roundtables

1:20 PM EST | Session 2
What Digital Can Learn from Door-to-Door
Mike Romney, President, Fox Pest Control

Some of today's fastest growing companies are using D2D to drive results. Learn from a D2D pro what you can learn from door to door, and how you can level up your digital strategy to compete.

1:50 PM EST | Workshop
CFO Workshop
Dan Gordon, Managing Partner, PCO Bookkeepers

Get your financial leadership in check. The PCO Bookkeepers team will guide you through this workshop designed to give you the tools to measure the financial health of your business and optimize investment in growth channels to maximize long-term success.

2:35 PM EST | Vendor Roulette

3:00 PM EST | Session 3
The Making of a Household Name
Tim Pollard, President, Arrow Exterminators

Is your marketing memorable? Learn how focusing on brand consistency across key touchpoints can make all the difference when it comes to building trust and getting new customers.

3:30 PM EST | Panels

4:20 PM EST | Happy Hour Roundtables


12:00 PM EST | Day 2 Kick-off

12:15 PM EST | Session 4
Blueprint for a Winning Sales Team
Ian Robinson, VP of Business Development, Massey Services, Inc

High-growth companies know that the secret to growth is having a structure that allows their sales teams to scale and consistently win. Learn how you can build a strong foundation that gives every team member the tools they need to be a top performer.

12:45 PM EST | Roundtables

1:20 PM EST | Session 5
What is Your Business Worth in 2021?
Tim Mulrooney, William Blair 

Hear from William Blair analyst Tim Mulrooney on how the industry performed in 2020, how he expects COVID-19 to impact valuation in the year ahead, and what you can do to enhance the value of your business.

1:50 PM EST | Workshop
Leverage Your Sales Intelligence
Dauv Evans, Coalmarch

What you don’t know about your pipeline could hurt you. Get the scoop on digital tools that deliver valuable insights to your sales team.

2:35 PM EST | Vendor Roulette

3:00 PM EST | Session 6
If You're Not First, You're Last
Taylor Olson, CEO, Slingshot

Your ability to qualify and close a lead drops every minute that it takes your team to respond. Learn the importance of measuring and maximizing your speed to lead metrics, and how smart technology can help you deliver fast, effective, personalized response time.

3:30 PM EST | Panels

4:20 PM EST | Happy Hour Roundtables


12:00 PM EST | Day 3 Kick-off

12:15 PM EST | Session 7
Care More Than the Competition: Setting Standards for Customer Service
Bobby Jenkins, Owner, ABC Home & Commercial Services

When the service you provide is your key differentiator, it’s critical to set a standard for customer service from the top down. Learn how to cultivate a service-first culture and align your whole team to be engaged and driven to help your customers.

12:45 PM EST | Roundtables

1:20 PM EST | Session 8
Making a Gold-Star CSR: Train, Motivate, Measure
Sharon Roebuck, COO, Eastside Exterminators

Focusing on the employee experience of your support team can drive major results when it comes to the experience they deliver to your customers. Build a better training and performance management structure for your CSRs and unlock the secrets of managing a high-performance customer service team.

1:50 PM EST | Session 9
From Search to Sold: 100% Digitally

Get hands-on with your customer buying journey and learn more about key communication touchpoints as potential customers search for, research, and interact with your company – all the way through to when they sign up for service.

2:35 PM EST | Vendor Roulette

3:00 PM EST | Session 10
Recipe for 5-Star Reviews
John Carney, President, SafeSpray Pest Control

You can't have a 5-star reputation if you're not delivering 5-star service. Learn what it takes to make your service shine from every angle, creating an experience so good that your customers can't help but share it.

3:30 PM EST | Panels

4:20 PM EST | Happy Hour Roundtables