TruGreen Midsouth

Increasing organic traffic, surpassing revenue goals


Family-owned and operated, TruGreen Midsouth stands for quality service above all else. We set out to create a site that would reflect the level of detail and care that the TruGreen team puts into their work. The result: greater brand awareness and increased revenue.

The Challenge

Meet the revenue goals established for 2014, attract new customers from three distinct geographical markets, and stay within the branding guidelines of TruGreen corporate. Previously, the company relied heavily on leads from the TruGreen corporate website. While this worked well for branded searches, TruGreen Midsouth was missing out on potential customers searching for local lawn care companies.

The Solution

When we met Michael, we instantly knew that he and the rest of his team are a major part of what separates TruGreen Midsouth from competitors. In our first encounter, he highlighted the importance of ‘operating honestly’ and ‘hiring and retaining outstanding employees'. He understood that without these two key components, his customers wouldn't stick around. By highlighting his team, and emphasizing no-contract guaranteed services, and TruGreen’s trusted scientific approach to lawn care, his value was translated to potential customers prior to any sales call. By building out local pages that speak directly to customers looking for his services, we were able to spread the word of his business to highly qualified searchers.

The Results

Improved keyword rankings, increased organic traffic, more qualified leads. Once we built out highly targeted content optimized for both conversion and search, we saw an increase in traffic and greater number of website leads.

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