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Tony Wilson

Front End Developer
A lagoon in Phuket, Thailand

Meet Tony

In the Office

Tony has over 20 years experience in the web industry and survived the early days of the internet filled with dancing hamsters and blink tags. He graduated from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) with a B.S. in Media Arts and Science, but is always learning something new. Every site tells a story and the challenge of figuring out how to write code and create imagery that successfully conveys that story is what drives him. Words of wisdom? Always leave it better than you found it.

Adobe Creative Cloud, Drupal, Front End Development, Graphic Design
Out of the Office

Outside of work, Tony is person with too many hobbies. He enjoys playing video games, tabletop RPGs, reading books without pictures, reading books with pictures (comic books), watching movies, woodworking, painting, and DIY projects. He has traveled all over the world and enjoys a good adventure. Tony is also a published author who will someday finish one of the two novels he's slowly writing. Someday his vast collection of useless trivia and pop culture knowledge will pay off.

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