Grow your business successfully with a suite of people management software solutions that work the same way you do.

From hiring and training to documentation and reviews- Forgely makes it easier for you to run your business. Even better, with Forgely you get access to the Forgely Community. An online repository with of tons of great documents and resources, Forgely Community will help take your business to the next level.  From review templates to training plans, you will have access to materials that are used effectively in your industry. 

By improving how your company runs behind the scenes, you'll increase your profit margin, and who doesn’t want that?

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Hire Faster & Easier

Behind every successful business is a team of smart and motivated employees. Forgely makes it easy to build your winning team. Post new job opportunities, organize incoming applications, and keep track of those that stand out. You can start onboarding the moment you say, “you’re hired!”.

Increase Profitability

Reduce Risk

Improve Employee Performance

By creating structured training plans, you’ll be able to deliver your customers a higher level of service every time. Create courses, assign them to positions, and easily track which employees are excelling and which are struggling. With ongoing training you can have the most professional team in your market.

Save Management Time

How good is your company at employee reviews? What are your performance metrics? Forgely allows you to define these and then schedule regular reviews to keep your employees accountable. Reviews and inspections won’t get forgotten, once you create your schedule, Forgely will send out reminders to make sure of that.

Optimize Productivity

Access to Resources

Manage Your Risk

If something unexpected does happen on the job, you’ll know it wasn’t because of a lack of training. With Forgely, you will be able to refer to a documented history of training for each employee. In addition, should you need to terminate employment, you’ll have documentation of incidents and reviews that led to the dismissal, all in one place.

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