The U.S. Secure Coins Story:
Custom Website Design

It’s the same old story- Smithsonian meets Rolex... right? Ok, maybe it’s not the same old story. The U.S. Secure Coins website tapped into all of our skills, from copywriting and user interface design to image compositing in Photoshop and HTML5 animations. There are so many great things happening on the site that we decided to highlight a few of them here for you.

The Challenge

When the numismatics experts at U.S. Secure Coins asked for an elegant new website that elevated their brand to a whole new level we embraced the challenge. But this site isn't just smoke and mirrors. With full featured content types like coins, coin classifications, and a robust, content rich blog- it has the function to back up its form.

A critical aspect of any successful user interface design, wire framing allows us to allocate space on a page based on the corresponding goals for the website. By blocking out the main engagements for the new U.S. Secure Coins website we determined the basic layout for the top level and main interactive pages on the site.

US Secure Coin website wireframes
US Secure Coin website wireframes

US Secure Coin website user interface

The Solution

After the initial planning of the new site and the block level layout was established we needed to apply the new U.S. Secure Coins branding to it. With its distinct combination of history and elegance, we elected to utilize a dramatic black background with gold accents. We wanted to let the coins themselves be the star of the show, and we think you’ll agree, they shine up pretty good! We know, you really want to use “well” there, but sometimes you gotta break the rules, right?

Custom Image Compositing

One of the things we are especially proud of with regard to this project is the custom Photoshop image compositing that went on behind the scenes. Here you get a chance to see the building blocks for an image and how we bring them together to create the unique look and feel for the website.

A source image used for compositing
A source image used for compositing

We wanted to created a sense of excitement, history, and fantasy with this image. To do this we combined a vintage image of an explorer, gold coins, a very large elephant, and a mountain range. By adjusting the scale on the different elements we were able to create an overall fantastical look and feel for the piece.

Source images are placed into custom graphic

In the image above you can see what the basic images look like without editing- and placed for composition in the layout.

Source images are fully integrated into custom graphic

The finished image. Using a combination of color correction, layer masking, blending, and placed shadows, creative director Todd Robert was able to create an image that successfully combines history, gold, and fantasy- no easy task!

U.S. Secure Coins Home Page

Here we see the final image in use in the website, along with the additional user interface elements, including the main navigation and article call to actions.

U.S. Secure Coins Coins Page U.S. Secure Coins News Page

Before & After

U.S. Secure Coins Before and After

As you can see in the comparison images above, we improved the site design from a sales focused, somewhat heavy handed approach, to a more elegant, sophisticated, and historical interpretation. The look and feel of the new site is much more aligned with the sensibilities of the target audience of U.S. Secure Coins and provides great market position for future initiatives.

The Result

Coalmarch planned, designed, and built a custom website for U.S. Secure Coins that put their brand on a whole new level. But this site doesn’t just look great- it utilizes the latest in browser compliant CSS3 and HTML5 to create a comprehensive user experience that not only educates their users on numismatics- it entertains them. Sounds like a recipe for conversion success, right?

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