The Triangle Pest Control Story:
Rebranding Victory

When the owner of Triangle Pest Control, Donnie Shelton, approached us about a website design we were delighted. We’re not squeamish, you see. But we did ask him how he felt about his brand. Like many business owners, his brand was somewhat of an afterthought. Lucky for us (and him we think) he was open to the idea of a new look for Triangle Pest Control.

Triangle Pest Control

The Challenge

Reposition the value proposition for Triangle Pest Control in a way that makes sense to its audience and improve the overall brand strength of the visual identity of the company.

With a target market of 25-45 year old women with a household median income of 75K+ we needed a message and look and feel that would resonate with decision making moms in the Triangle area. We focused on the safety of the pest treatments, both kid and pet safe, the peace of mind knowing your family is safe from bugs and pests in your home, and the environmentally friendly qualities of treatments from Triangle Pest Control.

In addition to a great message, we had some specific challenges: to meet the revenue goals established for 2012, maintain momentum of a growing business, and stay within the RMDS (Return on Marketing Dollars Spent) budget for the year.

The Solution

A total rebrand. Once we had established our target audience and value proposition we rolled up our sleeves and got to work giving the whole company a makeover. From the logo and website design to vehicle graphics and signage, Triangle Pest Control received the red carpet treatment.

And it’s not just about looks- if you look at the two logo designs to the right (the previous design on top and the new one below) you can get an idea of how much easier the new logo is to reproduce with embroidery, photocopying, and other limited color executions. Not can a well designed logo make you look a lot better, it can actually save you money.

Website Design
Website Design
Website Design


We decided to have a little fun with our signage messaging, with the goal of putting a smile on the faces of our client’s customers. From door hangers and yard signs to direct mail pieces we copy wrote and designed collateral that provides a consistent message and tone for the customers and prospective customers of Triangle Pest Control. The established brand continuity improves the overall perception of the company by its customers- a pretty good thing, don't you think?

Website Design Website Design
Triangle Pest Control Door Hanger

Triangle Pest Control Services Page

Before & After

Triangle Pest Control Before and After

We took the Triangle Pest Control brand from a regional look and feel to one that can compete with national brands. By leveraging a more graphic and visual design on the website we went from somewhat plain to the belle of the ball.

The Result

A total rebrand that elevates Triangle Pest Control to the next level of competition. With newly established messaging, a logo redesign, website redesign and development, and signage and advertisement design you’d be hard pressed to find a better example of a comprehensive branding campaign. Do we sound proud of our work? We are!

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