The RCA Story

When RCA contacted us we were excited to hear from such a well established and popular brand. Their North American division, ALCO Electronics, was bringing a new product, a series of tablets, to market and needed a web presence to help launch the line. So the question was- did we want to work with the RCA brand? You bet your boom box we did.

The Challenge

Start with a completely clean slate and develop an online presence for a new line of tablets from RCA that had yet to hit the market. Define the target audience and create messaging that would communicate the value that each line would hold with its respective audience.

Our goal for the new site was to get people excited about the idea of owning a RCA tablet. We needed great messaging, so we started with the value proposition of the tablets. At the end of the day- the main point of benefit was that you get tablet features and functionality- without breaking the bank. We wanted it to have an emotional component as well. The final result?

Explore a world of possibilities- for less.

RCA Tablets

Our Solution

A responsive, custom designed website that includes original messaging and content, product information, custom photography, and e-commerce.

RCA Tablets brand positioning and design

Brand Positioning and Design

We knew when we started that we wanted to tap into the rich brand history of RCA. The dogs are an iconic part of the RCA brand- but in recent years have not been heavily used. We decided to make them front and center on the new tablets website- because let’s be honest- who doesn’t like puppies?

Product Photography and Post-Production

If you are going to sell products online, they better look great- especially when you are competing with iPads and Kindle Fires. We coordinated and art directed our shoot, then spent a lot of time in post production to ensure that the tablets looked great. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…

RCA Tablets product photography
RCA Tablets product photography compositing


We needed to be able to sell accessories for the tablets online- and reference those accessories contextually. Our solution was to utilize the popular Drupal e-commerce solution, Ubercart. We can tag products with their accessories and display them intuitively throughout the site. As with any of our e-commerce solutions, we also set up the digital certificate for secure transactions and gateway for payment processing. In short, we delivered a stand alone e-commerce solution that provides turnkey functionality.

RCA Tablets website ecommerce design and integration

RCA Tablets website design home page RCA 7 inch tablet website design product page

The Result

In the three months since site launch in October the website has enjoyed 1.3M pageviews, nearly 250K unique visitors, and 447K visits. Additionally the site has experienced a 99.81% uptime, despite receiving more than 65K visits on Christmas day alone. That’s how you launch a new consumer product line!

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