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The first thing we do is figure out what makes your business or organization tick. Who is your target audience? What does your ideal engagement with that audience look like? Where are your profit centers and goals? Finally, how can we develop a marketing strategy that integrates your website and search engine marketing to help you achieve these goals?

We often say that one of the coolest things about what we do is that we have an opportunity to learn about a variety of industries on a regular basis. One month we may be creating a website for a botanical garden, the next we are developing a sports media website. The fact that we really have to understand how these industries work in order to create effective solutions means that our jobs are both stimulating and challenging- which is just the way we like it.

Stage One (Preliminary)

During the Preliminary stage of website development we work closely with you to understand all of your needs. We have experience working with a wide variety of different business, and our primary goals during this stage will be to understand yours inside and out and to determine if we are the best match for your project. 

Before moving on to Stage Two, we create a detailed project timeline which outlines smaller mile stones and deliverable dates to keep the project on track throughout each phase. 

Stage Two (Initiation)

Once a contract is signed, we invite you to our project management system and we begin sending planning questionnaires that will help us assess your wants and expectations more accurately. Our design questionnaire will outline your aesthetic preferences and help us to deliver exactly what you want. 

The look of the site or application is further explored in this phase through design wireframes and mock ups. You will have the opportunity to choose the mock-up you feel is most in line with your vision and we will then work with you to revise and customize that design.

We also deliver a detailed Statement of Work along with the design comps for your approval. When all documentation is in order and the design comps are approved, we begin Development.

Stage Three (Development)

During our longest stage in the life cycle of the project, we build the detailed functionality outlined in the Statement of Work while implementing the aesthetics of the approved design comps. If you've opted to include SEO planning as part of your project, this stage also involves focusing on optimizing content for search engines and making sure that the structure of the website is Google friendly

We use our server space to set up a staging version of your website so you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the site and give us feedback during our development phase. It is during this time that we typically schedule in-person Drupal training with you and your staff so that you feel empowered to use the new website post-launch. 

We also spend time conducting quality assurance by continuously testing the capabilities of the site as we build and expand its functionality. When all functionality and design is in place, we move on to Pre-Launch.

Stage Four (Pre-Launch)

Before we go live, we take time to thoroughly test the site for any errors. This includes cross-browser testing for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer versions 8 and higher. During this time we put a content "freeze" on the site so that we can conclusively complete our pre-live checklist without any other changes taking place on the site.

Stage Five (Launch)

At this point, the site is launched and any contracted Search Engine Optimization work is begun. We perform further quality assurance testing to make sure that the site is fully functional.

Stage Six (Post-Launch)

After launch we go over the site with you a final time to make sure you are satisfied and any Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing you may have contracted for begins or continues. During this time we also like to get your feedback so we can continue to improve our process. Finally, we want to leave you with a clear understanding of how you can order site changes or new features, how we can provide support and resolve any problems that might arise, and all the various ways in which we can continue to help you and your business grow. 


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There are a lot of digital agencies out there nowadays. Learn about what makes us a little different.


Old school work ethic with new media results. Find out more about the Coalmarch personality.


A creative project can be challenging. Because of that we make the entire process simple and easy.

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