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Monica Weddle

Marketing Specialist

In the office

Monica joined Coalmarch in October of 2016, with the mission of wrangling the inbound marketing efforts for Forgely, Sprowt, and Coalmarch itself. She is excited to draw on her passion for small business development while sharpening her writing and marketing skills. Monica graduated from St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a degree in English, with concentrations in creative writing and medieval studies.

Out of the office

Monica, her husband, and their dog are all recent transplants from Washington, D.C. They’re thrilled to be in such a vibrant city and enjoy exploring all of the restaurants, craft breweries, outdoor markets, and festivals Raleigh has to offer.

A woefully lapsed SCUBA fanatic, Monica hopes to get back in the water this fall. When not at depth, you can find her crafting in her home studio, where she’s developing a line of travel gear for dogs (and cats, birds, teacup pigs, etc) on the go.

Monica’s favorite things include travel, cooking, and sipping fizzy cocktails on patios. Her least favorite things include eggplant, Precious Moments figurines, and public whistling.

Latest blog post

April 4, 2017

by: Monica Weddle

2017 has come in like a lion, as they say, whoever "they" are.  Coalmarch has always been a dynamic workplace, and the past quarter hasn't been any different. Here are some highlights from Q1...

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